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Recorded game experiences that I want to share with the public. Whether it's because they're terrible or great. Different from a Let's Play in that these games are open ended (mmos, racing games) or not going to be played to the conclusion.

  1. Freestyle Rap with Audiosurf

    Here it is.

    I was playing around with audiosurf and decided to let you all see me embarrass express myself. The lyrics are mainly to myself. I did them both at the same time too.

    I decided not to embed the videos any more because youtube gives videos an "As seen on" section with a link back to this blog. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I'd prefer not to leave a trail back to a blog of unrestrained my personal feelings and opinions that my family ...

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  2. Showcase: Audiosurf

    Watch here
    (Watching in at least 720p or even 480 would be nice)

    So what is a "showcase", you ask?
    Well, it is a term I coined for my YouTube channel for categorising coverage of a game that isn't necessarily a Let's Play. I think the term "Let's Play" has evolved to the point where people will be expecting a beginning, middle and end.

    To that point I have used the showcase category to allow for coverage of games that are open ended without ...

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