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Brief Contradiction

April and Eleve

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April Augustus Summers, happy to have finally found a name, is filled with joy. She curiously skips forward in the void she has found herself in. She can see for miles, yet she can see nothing in those miles.

Suddenly, April turns, in what is forever, she notices an appearance.

The stranger exudes a sense of royalty and introduces herself as Eleve from Feldspar. April politely curtseys back. Eleve gracefully bends down to have a short chat with April face to face. Eleve tells April that they are standing in the existence of all that oppose them. Eleve also tells April that they both are not welcome here, she explains that if she and April continue to exist in this plane, it would cause indescribable things things to occur.

Eleve stands upright and waves her hand in the air to conjure a pure white apple floating above her fingers that she places into April's ready hands.

Eleve tells April to bite into it to escape the plane they are in, the apple will save her. However, April is worried, she does not completely trust her new acquaintance, in all her time on the plain nothing bad has happened, yet. Although, nothing good has happened either. She is afraid of what may happen, but she is also afraid of what may happen if she does not bite into the apple.

What will April do?

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  1. Spool's Avatar
    -> i

    -> [s]Ask about Feldspar[/s]

    -> Notice [URL="http://www.vampirenecklace.com/images/silverteethnecklace.jpg"]Vampire Necklace[/URL]

    -> Call her out on it

    -> Flee
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