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Animania Part 3 - The Rica Matsumoto is Awesome Edition

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by , 13th September 2010 at 08:07 AM (440 Views)
The highlight of Sunday for me was when I asked Rica Matsumoto a question at a panel and she said that I should become a seiyuu! (I think it might have been because of my deep voice?) It totally came out of the blue! I was so honoured that someone with that much life experience that I looked up to said something like that! (Must now update my unrealistic career plan).

Translator on the left and Rica Matsumoto on the right! (Please excuse the awful, 2mp phone camera quality)

Some interesting answers she gave to questions at the panel: (From my memory):

  • She can't remember that much about her involvement voicing Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh
  • She prefers that everyone watch the original dub (concerning a question about pokemon) as it is the original, intended version. But she also said that she was happy that Pokemon could be enjoyed by everyone around the world through dubs.
  • She was happy that Pokemon and her participation has had as much reach that it has had.
  • She had just arrived to Australia on that Sunday, so I assume that she would have been a bit tired (Or not? Crazy time zones!)
  • I asked her another question through the microphone and she said something like "Shibaru" or "shaberu" over and over again like a sound effect. I'd like to think that it was a compliment, could it have meant "shivers"?
  • Rica Matsumoto did some acting of Satoshi and did Bakura's laugh. It was awesome.
  • She was just generally full of energy and goodwill. A genki girl! Kind of like Satoshi, in a way.
  • She said that she has always liked justice which is why she thinks she fits Ash and is able to act as him
  • Although she has a powerful voice, Satoshi can still be tricky to voice as he shouts a lot (She said she had broken 3 mics!)
  • She originally auditioned for the role of the "rival" (Gary I presume)character and the producers or what-have-you asked her to audition for Satoshi
  • She originally wanted to be a stage actor, but after her father died she came down with an illness which prevented her from getting onto the stage. Her friends said "Hey, you can still act with your voice, why don't you become a voice actor?"
  • Her favourite of Ash's friends are Team Rocket!
  • She has always wanted to voice Meowth (She did a good impersonation!)
  • She didn't know much about the English dub of pokemon. When a question came up about Satoshi changing voices she said that in Japan they would have to change the name and appearance of Ash if they wanted to replace her.
  • She said that to be a seiyuu, you had to want it in your heart.
  • She was really bubbly and positive.

It was all really fun and informative. Now that I think about it, I wonder if I should have made a post in the anime section asking for questions that I could ask? Oh well.

I also got her autograph! She wrote my name on it and everything. She made the first letter of my name (a D) look like it was a b and she added an extra V into my last name, but it was still awesome! (I currently have it framed in an old picture frame. I intend to get a better frame soon) She also was selling little heart phone charms that (as a volunteer told me) were for a charity. I bought one and she signed that also. This time my name was correct.

Next to her signature she wrote GET and then some Japanese characters I have no idea of. She was so awesome and friendly!

Heres a pic of the paper that came with the phone charm (It was 7 bucks):

Anyone know what it says?

The actual strap is pretty large for a phone strap and is in the shape of a pink love heart, in the middle is Rica Matsumot's name in English with her name (I presume) written in kanji with dogs and other swirly things in the border in a lighter pink.

I would scan the actual autographs, but then its the kind of thing that I wanna keep all to myself. You know what I mean?

On the main stage she sang three (or was it four?) songs:
  • A song from the opening of Kamen rider
  • A song that she said that she wanted to sing to her parents if they were still alive, she hopes that they can hear it from heaven
  • And the Mezase Pokemon Master theme song!
  • I think there may have been another song, but my mind has suddenly blanked out

The crowd I thought wasn't as hyped as I thought they would be (I had the feeling that they were too embarrassed to get into it). She also did some more Satoshi (Pikachu volteccer!) (PIKACHUUUUUUUUU *Runs*) (PIKACHU! IRON TAILERU!) And talked more about herself. (I may have included some questions into the panel part above)

All in all it was a good day!

I only wish that I could have talked to her and taken a photo with her.

I hope I didn't come across as one of those crazy fan boys to her ._.

Sometimes teachers or friends have said that I have a good speaking voice and that I should go on radio or something, but it really means a lot when it comes from a person who actually has it for a career! I think I will remember this day forever.

Ps:If you saw me on the day, please don't say you did. I'd be too embarrassed!

Song of the blog post: The Kamen Rider song she sang

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  1. Yoshi-san's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I'm so jealous of you right now! I have SO MANY QUESTION TO ASK TO RM!!
  2. Meron's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Wow, that is so awesome. ;__; So jealous. Rica seems to be an amazing person, wish I could meet her someday! Thanks for blogging about this.
  3. Winged Psychic's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Quote Originally Posted by yoshi12370
    I'm so jealous of you right now! I have SO MANY QUESTION TO ASK TO RM!!
    haha, it was so cool!

    I asked if she was enjoying her time in Australia on the microphone at the panel and she laughed and said something like: "One to one talk"

    I ended up asking her a stupid question as well, though. Partly because there weren't many people with many questions, (Has TV turned us all into shy zombies?). I wanted to ask her which she preferred of Dawn/May/Misty (To add gasoline to the fire!) but it ended up being a question of her favourite of Ash's friends.

    I saw her walking on the Animania floor, but I didn't go up to her. I was too shy >.<

    I also question why they placed her so close to the karaoke area for the autograph signing, because quite honestly, there weren't many good singers (How mean of me!) and it was LOUD. I kind of wanted to learn a Rica song and sing it, but I didn't. >.<

    Quote Originally Posted by Meron
    Wow, that is so awesome. ;__; So jealous. Rica seems to be an amazing person, wish I could meet her someday! Thanks for blogging about this.
    Thanks! I think she's amazing too!

    It's not everyday that you meet the voice of a character that has been with you throughout your childhood. And, even if I had never heard of her voicing Satoshi until maybe like 5 years ago, it was partly her doing that allowed for Pokemon to be so successful in Japan which gave the opportunity for the franchise to become an0 international phenomenon.

    Oh, and for her performance of Mezase Pokemon Master, she told us to say "Getto Daze" when she said "Pokemon!"
  4. Sombra29's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Was her singing on-key? :o*shot*

    Awwn, lucky you D: thanks for this info!*imagines Rika´s voice in Shigeru...that would be...funny xD*

    Oh last everyone else will get to see her in next week pokemon sunday xD
  5. Winged Psychic's Avatar
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    Her singing sounded on key to me, although her voice tended to puff into the mic creating loud puff noises. Mezase Pokemon Master sounded more rough than the original, but after 10 years and loads of shouting as Satoshi it was understandable that the colour of her voice would change.


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