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Animania: Ikue Ohtani is Awesome Edition

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by , 19th September 2011 at 12:37 AM (381 Views)
Yesterday, I got to see the voice of Pikachu and Tony Tony Chopper! I got an autograph and managed to tell her through her translator that I had been watching her since I was 10 (Although now that I think of it it I was probably younger) and that I thought she was amazing. She asked me how old I was now and she was like whoa when I told her I was 17 and she facetiously said she was 20 and I almost fell for it but she told me that she had two kids already.

And now to the highlights from the panel! These are answers or replies to questions that were asked:

  • The translator began scratching his calf 5 minutes into the panel and never stopped. Since the table was elevated the audience could see it all. He pulled his trouser leg up to his knee. Very distracting. I think he was nervous.
  • Ikue originally wanted to be the role of meowth but was asked to be pikachu. This reminded me of last year when Rica Matsumoto said that she originally wanted to be the Shigeru character
  • I asked her if she could show us how she would perform Meowth if she were voicing him and she did an awesome "Nyaa (Japanese Words)" but petered out towards the end because she couldn't think of what to say. She tried again and said something which the translator translated into "What am I doing here in this big ol' place in front of all these people?" Memory is fuzzy on exact wording.
  • She did some Pikachu noises and Tony Tony Chopper lines. It is about as awesome as you would expect it to be. I tried hard not to have a dopey look on my face and writhe in joy.
  • She said she found it hard to get back into her Tony Tony Chopper character after not voicing him for two years which is understandable.
  • Said something about her role in influencing the Detective Conan series where she made her character sound like they was making out. She did it inbetween takes and then it went into the anime because whoever was in charge liked it. Eventually the mangaka adopted it as well.
  • Between takes she likes to play around and do other characters
  • She was asked what her favourite pokemon was besides Pikachu. When she played the games her favourite pokemon was the charmander line, but currently, her favourite pokemon is a fish pokemon that doesn't move. I'm sorry the name escapes me but it's a Unova pokemon. She said in english "It doesn't move!" Who's that pokemon?
  • She doesn't have any sempai she looks up to because she doesn't want to put herself down behind some other person. She wants to be her own star and reach the world globally. This is evident because her english and accent is surprinsgly good. (Understandable, grammatically correct, cute, although maybe rehearsed) She did some lines as Tony Tony Chopper speaking english. "Hello everyone! My name is Tony Tony Chopper! How are you? It's nice to meet you!" (Memory fuzzy on how the exact line went)
  • She originally wanted to be a stage actor but got into being a voice actor
  • She eventually wants to voice a normal older female character (the japanese voice of Stephanie from the japanese dub of Full House being the oldest character she's done at 6 years old). Ikue Ohtani is typecast into being the mascot character frequently so her want to spread her character types is understandable.
  • I asked her if she get's recognised on the street as any of her character and she replied that she does. She'll be at a store and say something like "sugoi" and the kids will come up to her and meekly say "'re chopper?" and she'll become self concious and look at herself and be like "What? Do I look like chopper?"

And that's all I can remember at the moment!

Some videos: (None are mine)

Ikue on Sat doing Pikas

Longer Ikue on Sat with worse audio doing other stuff

Ikue Ohtani doing the Meowth voice! As well as Mime Jr!

All in all it was a good day but tiring day.

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Updated 19th September 2011 at 12:58 AM by Winged Psychic

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  1. Kantomasta's Avatar
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    So thats who the voice of Pikachu is (i never watch credits :P) and maybe the pokemon she mentioned was stunfisk?
  2. Winged Psychic's Avatar
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    That's the pokemon I thought of as well but I hadn't seen it in the anime or games yet so I wasn't 100% sure.
  3. Grave-E's Avatar
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    The fish pokemon that doesn't move? Alomomola? I know it's based on an ocean sun fish, and they just sort of drift around.
  4. DarkDreams's Avatar
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  5. DarkDreams's Avatar
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    Oh and it's the flat brown one. Ground/Electric type =P


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