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Torgetsu Kon

Some pretty sweet rugs

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by , 17th April 2011 at 03:48 PM (515 Views)
Today I was cleaning up my family's attic/rec room when I stumbled across two old rugs that belonged to my brother and I. Usually rugs are a dime a dozen, but these two rugs were special. My aunt a long time ago gave the customized rugs to us as a Christmas gift, and my bro and I used to think how cool we were because we owned them. Many years later, I can't help but still admire the rugs that once shone in our bedrooms so proudly.

First I'll post what my brother's rug was customized with, since it goes along with Bulbagarden so much better than my rug's theme.

Now for my rug.

It was pretty nice finding something from my past today.

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  1. Lawnmowergirl's Avatar
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    Ahaha, those are really cool.
  2. Flame_'s Avatar
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    That's some cool stuff.


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