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  1. TK's Mission Impossible for Platinum

    Well, I hope it's not impossible. I've decided that I'm going to try to complete everything Platinum has to offer, to say I'm a real "Pokemon Master". How long this will take, I don't know, but these are the objectives I'm going to try to complete:

    -Beat the game (did this alreay)
    -Get all 5 patches at the Battle Frontier (both silver and gold)
    -Beat 100 battles at the Battle Tower
    -Complete the National Dex
    -Win a Master Rank Contest
    -Get a ...
  2. TK's Platinum Journey Ends...

    ...but a new one has just begun! Well, last night, I finally made it to the Elite 4, and I was able to defeat them . Okay, tons of people have defeated them already, but let me have my moment. My team that defeated them was:

    Drill Peck
    Metal Claw

    Poison Fang
    Confuse Ray

    Dusknoir (Doopliss):
    Confuse Ray ...
  3. Down in the Pits

    Well, today, my buddy Dashingfox and I decided to try The Pit of 100 together on our Paper Mario: TTYD file. It took a good few hours, and both of us had fun doing it, though the ending of the day didn't turn out so well for either of us. I lost at 87, thanks to my kockiness of not wanting to waste a mushroom, and a stupid Piranha Plant. DF did a little better than I did. He made it all the way to 100, and battled the fierce Bonetail, but sadly he lost to him. Simply sad, but what are you going ...
  4. Just wondering...

    I've recently been looking online at the story of Super Mario Kun. Now from only reading the first 7 chapters, I seem to get a kick out of reading it, and enjoy the unique comedy it brings to the Mario world, but I can't seem to find any more chapters. Does anyone know a site where I can read more chapters translated, seeing that I can't read Japanese. I'm also interested in looking for a decent picture of the covers of issue 33 and 34 (seeing as Mariowiki doesn't have these two images available). ...
  5. Trying Out This Feature

    Well, even though the blogs have been around for a long time, I'm just trying it out now. I'm mostly just gonna post whatever's on my mind, what I'm doing, yadda yadda. I don't care who reads it or who doesn't, but to all that do, enjoy.
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