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  1. ever do something funny and want to share it, but there's no one around to tell?

    That happened to me today. I was approaching the bank and when I saw that sign on their drop box that says "CONTAINS NO CASH OR NEGOTIABLES" at first I thought it read "CONTAINS NO CASH OR VEGETABLES".
  2. Go on the GTS right now, change the location to France, and search for Psyduck

    If you're amused by Pokemon names, you owe it to yourself to get a French Psyduck or Golduck off the GTS. Psyduck's French name is Psykokwak (psycho quack, get it?) and Golduck's is Akwakwak. (With Akwakwak here and Akwakwak there, here a quack, there a quack, everywhere Akwakwak, Old McDonald had a farm...)
  3. I got a great GTS deal!

    This morning, I got a shiny L1 female Adamant Japanese Spearow off the GTS, and all the person wanted was any Smeargle. I gave him the female I caught myself in the Ruins of Alph, which I didn't need because I already have a Japanese female. And the Spearow looks legit. Pretty good trade, I must say.
  4. just reached the Pokeathlon stadium

    Fortunately I already have two five-star Pokemon I can use: Rattata for speed and Bayleef for skill.

    edit: First try on Speed, came in second by TWO points.

    Updated 16th March 2010 at 07:29 AM by Geodude

    Soul Silver - first playthrough
  5. I'm off work today...but I wish I knew that yesterday

    Too bad I only found out I'm off today AFTER I got to work. No point in going back to sleep now either, our parrot will wake up in about an hour, and his loud sqawking wakes everyone else up whether they want to or not.
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