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Soul Silver - first playthrough

Got the Japanese Heart Gold, figured I'd go for the English Soul Silver. Got the preorder Lugia figure, just got the game. Gonna randomly post how I'm doing here.

  1. I got a great GTS deal!

    This morning, I got a shiny L1 female Adamant Japanese Spearow off the GTS, and all the person wanted was any Smeargle. I gave him the female I caught myself in the Ruins of Alph, which I didn't need because I already have a Japanese female. And the Spearow looks legit. Pretty good trade, I must say.
  2. just reached the Pokeathlon stadium

    Fortunately I already have two five-star Pokemon I can use: Rattata for speed and Bayleef for skill.

    edit: First try on Speed, came in second by TWO points.

    Updated 16th March 2010 at 07:29 AM by Geodude

    Soul Silver - first playthrough
  3. nice to know I'll just be "decent"

    Ever notice how NPCs usually give you such high compliments? Well the guy who gives you the Apricorn Box just says "You'll be a decent apricorn collector!"
  4. got a good starter quickly!

    Unusually good "luck" for me to start off with, on my second try I got a female Careful Chikorita. BTW I'm playing as Lyra.