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Remnants of the Diamond Dust

Pleasant surprise

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After about 10 unsuccessful attempts at Houndour chaining on Platinum, I headed off to Acuity Lakefront to go Sneasel hunting. I needed a Weavile for the Battle Frontier team I was planning.. although I didn't have a Jolly syncher with me, so I had to just try and get lucky with Sneasel hunting.


...Try and get... lucky...

Having a False Swipe lead up front (my old ingame Weavile transferred from Pearl), I run around the grass a little bit. The usual Sneasel cry came from my DS while I wasn't looking.. followed by a sparkle.

What a nice little surprise after those failures of a chain. XD My first shiny from Platinum... she's actually not half bad, either.

Sneasel - #215 (Lonely)
HP: 10 - 12
Att: 22 - 24
Def: 8 - 9
SpA: 8 - 9
SpD: 10 - 12
Speed: 30 - 31

I'm definetly using her in my Battle Frontier team, no doubt about that. :D I just need to figure out what speed she has so I know which EV spread out of the two I wrote down (one for 30 speed, one for 31).. but yeah. Much excitement was had. :D :D

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  1. The Outrage's Avatar
    *uses Jedi mind trick*

    You will give her to me.
  2. Kasumi's Avatar
    Ooooh. Very nice! :D
  3. Turtle Tamer Kammy's Avatar
    Cuuuuute :O I am jealous!
  4. Zephy's Avatar
    I have yet to capture a shiny.
  5. Maybe Wednesday's Avatar
    DUX is jealous...


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