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  1. On the topic of anime/manga/game anniversaries (and also Pocket Monsters)

    I know I haven't posted on BMGf for quite a while. I've been keeping up with the ORAS stuff (and bought it on release), but it's hard to *talk* about Pocket Monsters-tier...things these days when I've been caught up in more important/interesting things like Tales of Xillia 2, Dark Souls, Type-Moon franchises, visual novels, other anime/manga, school (I'm halfway to finishing my AA degree and transferring), CCS merch, etc...

    But yeah, for a long time in months, I finally have something ...

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  2. [Official MV] どないやねん ヤドン ("How You're A Slowpoke After All")


    My ORAS party member #2 confirmed: Yadon.

    This music video made bit a bit happy after these recent "Crazy SJW Super Scumbag indie dev crossing the line" (which is true) events going in the video game industry right now (meanwhile SWJs also threaten to kill a 10-year old boy on Twitter because he disagreed with them: http://i.imgur.com/W5m5WH2.jpg).

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  3. Prediction for Serena's team by the end of the XY anime

    I kind of quit the anime after watching the first several episodes of XY, to be honest. I'm still willing to keep myself up-to-date by reading about it though. And boy, some people give this girl a hard time. Give her the benefit of the doubt, guys. I'm sure she'll have a better team by the end of the region.

    My prediction for Serena's entire end-of-XY Pokemon team:

    :) What can ...

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  4. Pocket Monsters anime-to-game protag/rival counterpart chart

    Just something I made to pass the time (and for fun) - I wonder if I really got everyone (EDIT: forgot Hikari's Platinum redesign). I might make one for The Origin and the various manga canons too, it's always fun to compare the designs of same-source characters on different "PokeEarths".

    Huge images, beware:

    And for the remake designs:

    You'd think with all the ...

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  5. Pokemon Trainer Red Nendoroid

    Hey look, a well-made figurine that isn't a shoddy Hasbro toy or a Pokemon. It probably won't be released outside of Japan either.

    Clearly based on the Origin counterpart. (EDIT: I am dumb.) This makes me want to see more nendoroids of the other game protagonists (MEI PLZ). He also comes with all the Kanto starters. Available at Japanese Pokemon Centers in celebration of the announcement of Omega Ruby ...

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