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  1. It's here! I'm happy!

    Last week I ordered some books from amazon for the first time ever. I've never bought anything from the internet before (at least not directly). I was surprised at how easy it was, and will be a temptation to overcome not overspending in future.

    Well when i went downstairs to get the electric key topped up i noticed a white package in the stairwell and it was indeed one of the books i ordered! A day before the estimated delivery.

    So what did i order? Pokemon Black ...
  2. Capitalism owns

    Because of that, I beat Final Fantasy on the NES in the name of capitalism. These hardworkers live by the code that they don't need to open treasures chests!* They can save the world using strictly whatever their wallet buys them! It was a routine trip through the game up to the end, marred by hilariously bad encounter luck along the way. Read about it and be entertained!

    *Unless they need to