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  1. Fate/stay night UNLIMITED BUDGET WORKS (Illya and Archer, godly animation, etc)

    Unlimited Blade Works a.k.a. Best anime adaptation of anything non-manga, period

    [Major spoilers for people who didn't read the visual novel]

    (if there are even any Type-Moon fans on here, lol)


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  2. On the topic of video games and their audiences

    An audience that only takes passive interest in your games will fluctuate. They won't always buy your games.

    Whereas, fans who are dedicated to your games will otherwise buy them consistently. If you ignore/disrespect those customers, there's a risk of losing your consistent source of income.

    Successful franchises trying to please an audience that never consistently play their games is largely a bad idea. If the audience you're trying to please are only interested in ...

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  3. (To: Pocket Monsters) Ufotable is god (From: FANG-TAN)

    This is just something I've always imagined happening with Pocket Monsters, but never really expect to happen at all because of the nature of the franchise, what with Game Freak being Game Freak. But I want it. With some of the games getting animated trailers these days, it's a gigantic tease that Game Freak hasen't started inserting animated cut-scenes into the Pocket Monsters games yet, especially since the DS+3DS can totally handle that kind of thing (see: Tales of Hearts and Tales of the Abyss ...

    Updated 22nd December 2014 at 07:08 AM by FANG-TAN

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  4. On the topic of anime/manga/game anniversaries (and also Pocket Monsters)

    I know I haven't posted on BMGf for quite a while. I've been keeping up with the ORAS stuff (and bought it on release), but it's hard to *talk* about Pocket Monsters-tier...things these days when I've been caught up in more important/interesting things like Tales of Xillia 2, Dark Souls, Type-Moon franchises, visual novels, other anime/manga, school (I'm halfway to finishing my AA degree and transferring), CCS merch, etc...

    But yeah, for a long time in months, I finally have something ...

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  5. [Official MV] どないやねん ヤドン ("How You're A Slowpoke After All")


    My ORAS party member #2 confirmed: Yadon.

    This music video made bit a bit happy after these recent "Crazy SJW Super Scumbag indie dev crossing the line" (which is true) events going in the video game industry right now (meanwhile SWJs also threaten to kill a 10-year old boy on Twitter because he disagreed with them: http://i.imgur.com/W5m5WH2.jpg).

    Updated 22nd August 2014 at 05:22 PM by FANG-TAN

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