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  1. About the Caption the Screenshots thread...

    I'm not going to post screenshots from Pokémon episodes there anymore, I've been bored of it for a while, so somebody else can do it. Maybe there might be a day were I'll once again be up for doing it, but now I just don't care for posting a trio of images.
  2. Hey can there like be a fun Iris episode, for once?

    It's just that all of the episodes were she's the main focus so far have been serious and the same will go for the episode next week. Cilan has had some serious episodes (the episode with Chili, the Skyla episode, etc) so why can't Iris have at least one fun episode? Something to focus on the entertaining side of her character that a majority of us knows she has?

    I mean just look at Iris; A wild girl with ninja-like skills who loves to swing on vines. Now see, how can there not be ...

    Updated 20th July 2012 at 07:14 AM by Don

  3. Oh god, Iris in the latest episode...

    Why couldn't she just have done this before?

    Yell at Dent about what she think of his antics.

    You know, instead of groaning about it at the back.

    This, plus the result of it, was way more entertaining.

    She causes him to sulk and then recovers him from his sulking.

    Groaning too much, I don't like it. Makes a person seem like a downer.

    Is it Hikari's presence? Does being around her help Iris speak out her mind?

    Updated 19th July 2012 at 06:58 PM by Don

  4. So about this whole Iris and Dragonite thing...

    I think I might have the most neutral reaction towards it all. Literally this was going on in my head:

    Iris finally gets another Dragon-type? Good for her. Now what other region Pokémon will Cilan catch?

    The whole how Iris's Dragonite is handled in the World Tournament Junior Cup I have absolutely no reaction or feeling for. I just notice Iris getting another Dragon-type Pokémon and a previous generation Pokémon. Plus I am never really exited for battle tournament ...

    Updated 16th July 2012 at 06:13 PM by Don

  5. Cilan is my rival and my lover: Pokémon click and drag thingamajigs.

    I finally decided to post these after doing them like around 4 or more weeks ago:

    Having a Cyndaquil in Snowpoint City is great, this way you can be warmed up all the time.

    Anime Cilan would work as a competitive rival. But game Cilan? Yeeeaaah...... Not so much.

    My goal doesn't represent who I am. And Blue as my companion, I guess that's pretty sweet.

    Gym Leader as a rival, Gym Leader as a companion,

    Updated 27th June 2012 at 08:26 AM by Don

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