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What Immortal Hand or Eye...

What Generation 7 will be like.

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by , 31st December 2012 at 03:57 PM (294 Views)
My third eye is telling me that the PCs will be this sweet brunette flower girl and a memory-screwed blond and both have to beat the gyms to get access to this giant hole in the ground, where the villain and his black-garbed grunts await to actually destroy the world (not remake it, reform it, or simply take it over) by summoning a space pokémon to come hurdling towards the world like the dinner bell was wrung.

There's a little bit of sexism, though. If you play as the girl, you sort of die, and if you play as the boy, you win, but you face a few years of soul-eating guilty. However, your next-door neighbor/rival has been making bedroom eyes at you for a while, so you might be okay (or not, but you get laid and adopt a few kids, so it might not be so bad, if you cared about those things).

The villain may also have spawned himself into three others, to guarantee a sequel. One of the Gym Leaders might even get his own side game for some reason I can't fathom. And the PC's older brother gets his own prequel game! ...I do worry people will 'ship the PC of either gender with the older brother, but the relationship is canon either way, SO.

...Oh, and only Gens I, IV and VI will be canon. Forget the rest.
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    I can't wait!
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    Nice dream. Start writing a diary of this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 33Whimsicott33
    Nice dream. Start writing a diary of this.
    Not sure if honest advice, sarcasm, or scathing dismissal of brilliance.

    Quote Originally Posted by MidnightSunset
    You need to play Final Fantasy 7.


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