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What Immortal Hand or Eye...

Go in Regrets

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by , 4th March 2010 at 02:43 PM (192 Views)
Dull death, dull death
hit it now!
Screech of the rubber, hitting the flubber
wait until its down

Red death, red death
merry little way
Knife to the belly, blade sorta chilly
just make my day

Blue death, blue death
wrapped all tight
Roll to the fire, mark its ire
don't make it right

Bright death, bright death
itty bitty jump
Burn in your bones, count all the tones
til you rung in the lump

Black death, black death
how do you do?
Not too close, it's really gross
how its now goo

Brass death, brass death
right in the skull
Fragments scatter, covered in matter
now...its not too dull.

- January K.

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