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I Hate Your Blog, It's Incredibly Terrible And Bad

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by , 18th February 2009 at 02:37 AM (580 Views)
It must be. I get barely any views and little to no comments. Posts with the title 'omg im in luv /w a gurl phrum teh toobs' probably get more hits than mine.

But I digress.

As much as I love video games, I suck at them. I mean I'm better than normal people, but people who are more into video games than me (I'm sure that's hard to picture) are better than I am. I love Brawl, but whenever I play against Joel and/or Michael I get my ass handed to me and I feel like shit. I'm not the kind of person that needs to win, I'm sure you guys know that, but when you always lose it's not fun. That isn't to say that I don't try my hardest, it's wrong of one to think they deserve to win if they don't try.

Man it's hard finding a good decent similar topic to talk about.

New Fire Emblem comes out tomorrow (well, technically today now). Ever since the first heard about it 5 or 6 years ago I loved the game and the idea. Turn-based strategy has always been very appealing, kind of like chess where you see your opponent's move then you have to counter it, or work the other way around where you lead the battle. Something else I really like about the game are the statistics, over my years of playing the game I've learned how each number affects the battles and I love it. I enjoy seeing my characters progress in power and grow into great warriors and mages. I guess the story helps me to like the characters as much as I do, but it seems that good story characters are also good for play.

I've always been one who after seeing my opponent's move, I counter. I follow the battle and try to make up for my opponent's actions.

Though not very well (lol emphasis).

I've never been good at making the opponent play into my hands. I'm bad at reading strategies and making them, because my strategies are usually too convoluted to explain or try and put into practice. The same can be said about how I act that way in real life in most situations, though again, not very well (distinct lack of emphasis). Often times I don't see things through as well as I could have, I always miss the one crucial point of entry that could allow me to lose a vital player in my army (hurray for metaphors), so I lose. Though I also suck at pressing the attack, because I don't understand or know the situation, so I end up getting my ass handed to me. This makes me wish I had some sort of wit or a decent thought process.

In order to stop sounding so self-deprecating, I need to talk about something else. But you have to understand it's really hard. I analyze my flaws way to much, think about them late at night and wish I could have changed a situation that has passed because I didn't think of something in the past I have at the moment that I was rethinking it.

I would love to move somewhere, or at least go somewhere temporarily, where no one knows who I am. Meet new people and try and make more, different friends. Maybe even open up more. I've noticed that I put off a lot of people, especially at work. Really, I'm a nice guy, but I hate to walk around grinning like a moron. and it's so much easier to look angry, it doesn't feel forced. It's easy.

Maybe I'm just lazy.

At least too lazy to smile.

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  1. Silverwynde's Avatar
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    Smiling is over-rated.
  2. Trainer-c's Avatar
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    Strategy/Tactical RPGs are among my favorite genre of games. I think tenacity plays a role in successfully waging a campaign. I'm willing to play a map as many times as it takes to solidify and execute a strategy.

    And I agree with Silverwynde, smiling is over-rated. Most of the time my expression is fairly blank, so people that don't know me find me hard to read.
  3. Turtle Tamer Kammy's Avatar
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    worst blog ever *kick kick kick*

    jay kay ilu


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