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Movies 11 and 12, Summer School Trilogy

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by , 19th July 2008 at 11:35 PM (367 Views)
Once again, you've got an installation of Randomosity heading your way! We've got some great topics to look forward to! Let's GO!!!

Movie 11 - Level 50 Shaymin and Level 100 Regigigas

Alright, Japan. I'm getting fed up with you. Another movie, more movie Pokémon, another release straight to DVD predicted in America. The worst part is, I'm pretty sure they're LOSING money by doing this. Have you looked at the record books lately? The first two movies are in the Top Ten for highest-grossing animated films of all-time! Granted, they were during the height of "Pokémon Fever." The popularity of the franchise, however, hit another pinnacle with Diamond and Pearl's release. NOA (or whoever's in charge of it now), must be so afraid of failure that they can't take a gamble. Trust me. There is no way a Pokémon movie could flop at theaters, especially if they were as good as, say, Three. And, to top it off, we're getting cheated out of Event Pokémon. Can you get Shaymin in DP? Even if you can, it's still the experience, right? Look at the Deoxys Gamestop promo that just happened. You can't tell me that every person who ever received Deoxys for R/S/E/FR/LG did not go and get the Gamestop one. I know that because I did it.

Movie 12 Title: Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Giratina

Have the movies ever rolled out this fast before? It seems like I just watched Nine the other day, and now Twelve is announced. It makes me wonder about the qualities of the films. Production time has been significantly lessened with the advent of CG Animation, but that can only go so far in the anime. This ties in with the rant I just finished. IF this is one big moneymaking scheme, why not share the love abroad?

DP 089-91 Trilogy

I love the Trilogies. Way better than your average filler. Why can't there be more? I loved the EP 015-17 S.S. Anne/Island of Giant Pokémon. Is it the cost of hiring several actors for extended periods of time? Once again (expect me to say this a lot), I'm sure there's an explanation. Anyway, this one's about Summer School? I'm fed up with regular school! Why does the Pokémon world even need schools? And why are they out in the middle of nowhere? There's about one school per region, let's leave it at that! As far as I can tell, every kid in the anime wants to be a Trainer or a Coordinator or Ranger or something. Sure, there's a screwball once in awhile. I guess that's why they're needed. But why are Ash and Co. visiting it? Ash doesn't need help, he's got a Level 4 Trillion Pikachu.

Awesome People

Neku: Sorry, but I really have no money right now. I'm a high school student. We all remember those broke times, right? Anyways, if you want to set up that Paypal thing, go right ahead. I'll try and make some moolah, then get back to you when I can.

Lots of ranting today. Why was it all about the anime that confuses me? Probably because it was the only thing on Bulbanews. Later dayz!

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