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  1. LAWLZ

    Been almost two years, huh? Let's get this back on track the right way!

    Black and White

    Yes. Yes, yes, again yes. I'm over hyping myself. I'm already calling out that Hiun City is New York and the region will include:

    Southeast New York State
    All of Connecticut
    All of Rhode Island
    Most, if not all, of Massachusetts
    All of New Jersey
    Eastern Pennsylvania

    Not too sure on Delaware.
  2. Movies 11 and 12, Summer School Trilogy

    Once again, you've got an installation of Randomosity heading your way! We've got some great topics to look forward to! Let's GO!!!

    Movie 11 - Level 50 Shaymin and Level 100 Regigigas

    Alright, Japan. I'm getting fed up with you. Another movie, more movie Pokémon, another release straight to DVD predicted in America. The worst part is, I'm pretty sure they're LOSING money by doing this. Have you looked at the record books lately? The first two movies are in ...
  3. no entry title

    It's that time of day again...I actually have something to look forward to every night.

    Movie 11's Debut

    Well, Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin hits theaters tomorrow, though I most likely won't see it until it hits DVDs in the States, so I can watch it on Cartoon Network. Even though Giratina's new form(e) allows it to move between dimensions in this film, there is no connection with Palkia at all, while Dialga will make a cameo or two. Confusing? To ...
  4. Got a Wii, The TFG, Random P's, and Name Continuity

    Well, I guess it's time for my now-daily blog update thing.

    I GOT IT!!!

    I finally got my Wii! I called Gamestop this morning, and they'd got NINE in. By the time I got there after lunch, four were left. The only downside is that I blew all my money and I can't buy either Super Smash Brothers Brawl or Pokémon Battle Revolutions or even a 1000 points card so I can get My Pokémon Ranch! But you can't let a chance like this just slip by. A Nintendo Wii is super-rare. ...
  5. Experimenting with the Blogging System(BS)

    Clever name, huh? It's also true. I know how to blog.

    Anyways, this is the first in what is definitely going to be a very rarely updated blog. I guess I'll talk about random stuff every day. Maybe I'll set my topics up like this:

    Nintendo's E3 Press Conference

    I really wanted to watch this on G4's site, but my computer's been a piece of crud ever since I was stupid enough to install The Sims 2 on it. That thing is huge. But, I heard a lot about what it ...