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Unemployed... again

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Yep. Census run looks like it's all dried up.

Kinda my fault, family had plans for tomorrow and they wanted to put on some assignment in the middle of nowhere. No thanks, not worth the little money I'm left with after they tax us, especially in the Baltimore heat. The operation ends tomorrow anyway, so I would have maybe had 3 hours only, and then I would have been unemployed again. My little brother has to go back to school soon, so I'd like to spend the day with the family down at the harbor since we won't be able to go anymore, soon. (until next summer...)

It... was not a good job, really. The higher-ups don't appreciate you because they don't think you're doing the job right. Your peers, well, unless you are a crew leader assistant or crew leader, you never see your peers, you aren't even allowed to work with them on big assignments. And the people you have to deal with... well they REALLY don't appreciate you, and they make that very vocal. I really don't blame them either...

It's very thankless work.

Well, it's over now, I suppose. Was a good run, made some ok money. But now it's time to move on to hopefully better things.

Found an ad in a local paper, and sent the resume out. Hoping I hear something back. Clerical work at a small law firm. I'd take it!

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  1. KronosClownz's Avatar
    Good luck, I hate working.


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