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  1. Otakon 2008.

    I know, it ended Sunday. I just didn't post.

    Well, Saturday was the best day no doubt. I got to meet JAM Project in person and got them to autograph my copy of Super Robot Wars/Taisen Alpha 3.

    Since I don't have a J-PS2, I can't play the game (and I don't trust the swap disks method). I bought it largely for novelty, because it was at a good price. It payed off now, as it's now signed by the band that made it's title song, arguably one of their best songs, too. ...
  2. Alive!

    Don't call the National Guard.

    Well, I had to leave the concert a bit earlier due to some family issues but I got to hear my favorites performed live still ^^.

    As expected, found nothing in the Dealer's Hall. Just bought a plushy Darkrai (Banpresto crane machine one) for my little brother.

    It was a fun day... but it taught me something. I don't think I'm the con-goer type. I guess I just don't like the hustle/bustle of it all.

    I'm going ...
  3. Otakon Day 1 morning...

    Badge pickup was a last night... what a doozy it was. The line spiraled around the convention center. It moved quickly, but still.

    The weather wasn't really agreable either. It wasn't really, really hot (which is surprising for a Baltimore August) but it was very damp and sticky. You'd sweat just by standing still. Topping that off, it started to rain and a quick storm passed by bringing some worryingly close lightning bolts with it.

    I got there at 7PMish (I got on ...
  4. Bad nerves are... bad!

    My nerves are shot right now, and I don't know why. The slightest tap sound will make me jump.

    It's not good to be on-edge like this. The feeling's very unpleasant.


    On the bright side, Otakon is this weekend. I'm not a hardcore con-goer. Honestly the only reason I'm going here again this year is to meet some people I know from out-of-state. I don't have any money for the Dealer's Hall (saving up for some games coming out in the near future) and I ...
  5. E3 conferences

    Microsoft - we got FFXIII too lol
    Nintendo - more casual stuff
    Sony - new ps2 games

    All in all, each panel had it's highs and lows. On Microsofts front, they got the internet shitstorm every company wants to have with FFXIII. Nintendo's stuff, while looking like a lot of fun, is also very casual, and they didn't show much for the "hardcore" gamers. Animal Crossing Wii was cool though. Sony's panel was... meh? They seem to feel the need to bank on the PS2 again, ...
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