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  1. the heat

    Wow, crap, what a terribad day.

    Went out to work at 9AM to get all the cases for the Census I had left. Got those done (save for one address that had two huge, aggressive dogs on guard)

    It was hot, very hot, and it was the suburbs. Insects were everywhere and I got chewed up.

    Got lost two times while looking for addresses, damn one way streets EVERYWHERE.

    See, this is why they should keep us local (which they stated they do have an emphasis ...
  2. Drinking, or lack thereof.

    A topic that's been coming up in my life recently...

    When I turned 21, I could legally drink.

    When I told everyone "nah, not into alcohol". They were taken aback.

    Is "having a good time" synonymous with getting drunk? Where did this start? Now don't get me wrong... I have no problem with people who drink socially, I just choose not to. But apparently, that makes me prudish.

    I just don't care for the stuff...
  3. 13 was a bad number...

    So I'll bump it to 14.

    Weather sucks, job sucks. Census has me going halfway across town... what about this "we keep you local" business they advertised? I have no idea where anything is up there! Also, it's hot. So I'm outside doing this in 103F with humidity and sunshine. Yeouch.

    My hairline's been receding which has been causing me a bit of distress. If it doesn't stop (it probably won't), I'm going to end up going Blaine mode and shaving it off. Wigs, ...
  4. lol debates

    (I was initially going to post this in the "how to win a debate" thread, but it was kinda ranty so I figured I'd put it here, instead...)

    That's the problem with "debates" online. They really aren't debates as much as they are watching two brick walls slam into each other, just waiting to see which one breaks first. Neither will change in anyway, or come to an compromise, they will just continue to slam into each other.

    On top of that, what usually ...

    Outside my room (which is the back), the houses are covered in snow. The sides, everything. Two doors down there's an icicle dangling almost 3 stories (both upper floors, and some going into the basement stairway).

    The city's closed, so to speak.
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