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Gen 5 thoughts

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by , 27th September 2010 at 01:27 PM (369 Views)
Right, never really posted in the board much 'cuz it moves REALLY fast.

So, right. Thoughts...

It's pretty rad.

There are some pokes I will admit I don't like. Some feel a tad uninspired. I am especially disappointed by the legendaries (except Genosect) But as a fan of Ghost pokemon, HOLY CRAP (no pun intended) did this gen deliver. A purple flame GHOST CHANDELIER, a ghost ROBOT, a sarcophagus with gold plating, a wicked face and 4 ghostly arms, a water spirit ghost? Yes, very yes. This is all good.

Oh, and if the avie isn't an indication, Shikimi is pretty mondo cool as well. Especially her E4 chamber.

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  1. Garren's Avatar
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    I think they did a good job with type distribution this time around, bar maybe Poison getting a bit left out and no dual-Ice Pokemon bar Kyurem, so I imagine that most fans of any type will be pleased. :)
  2. Synesus's Avatar
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    The best thing about the Ghost Robot is that it can fly. That sold it for me.


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