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by , 1st May 2013 at 10:34 PM (190 Views)
So yeah, I have started to listen to podcasts recently. Its a good way to pass the time driving to and from work as well as whenever I'm on break.

I listen to The Comedy Button, Geekbox, and Podtoid.

Podtoid scares the shit out of me, and anyone who listens to it knows why. The Comedy Button is quite possibly the best podcast in the history of sex and every single one of you needs to listen to it immediately.

Geekbox I listen to because I need another podcast to listen to.

Does anyone know of these Podcasts, or can recommend a decently entertaining podcast?


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    I love the "Let's Do This" podcast on spill.com, updated every Wednesday. Korey and Co-Host 3000 are consistently hilarious, and they either find or pick out crazy stories either from their lives or from the news to talk about every week.

    Spill.com Podcast - Let's Do This


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