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I've Opened Pandora's Box

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by , 22nd March 2009 at 01:41 PM (281 Views)
Anyone else use Pandora, the radio type thing that plays the music you like only?

I just got the Stephan Lynch and the Weird Al Yankovic channels, but I need more channels. Can anyone help any?

On Platinum news, I love Looker. He's the only character that no matter what he says, It's hilarious. I want an avatar of him.

The gyms are pretty easy, I just beat the 2nd one. Again, with just one Pokemon. Yay level grinding! And yay having Shaymin on my Platinum and they give the item before you beat the elite 4! I want my Togepi too. I want to use Metronome and be lucky for once today.

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  1. DCM's Avatar
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    I love Pandora Radio. My (custom) channels are all Talking Heads, White Stripes or Beastie Boys.
  2. System Error's Avatar
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    And here I thought Pandora was a tool you used on your PSP to get custom firmware on it. Guess I was wrong!


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