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Life of an Uneventful Otaku Nerd.

Fuuuu I'm Terrified

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So if any one of you lot actually read this dumb little blog, you may have noticed that I am moving shortly.

Well, less than shortly.

More so on the 28th...which is in 2 days.

I'm having slight panic attacks, one was so bad that I had to be sent home from my work today until I could calm the fuck down and handle taking calls like a normal bitch.

I find it Very ironic that all I do for 40+ hours a week is help people transfer their services when they move, and yet when I start to move, I have panic attacks.


At least Project X Zone comes out tomorrow. That should help me calm down.

Or make me forget about packing the rest of my shit, thus making me unable to finish packing, thus making me late, thus making me fall down a spiraling pit of despair to Satan's land of depression!


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  1. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    Hi Tony. I've never moved before so I don't know how to help, but I hope you feel better.

    Also living without parents is awesome. It's like every night is a party that only you are invited to.


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