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  1. Hanging Out With My Best Friend

    Hi guys! I'm doing pretty good.

    I've been enjoying the warmer weather, since it's springtime here. I've been going outside more since it's been warmer.

    Yesterday afternoon, I went over to Ashley's place. Ashley was in his room, sleepy as usual. He was tucked under his covers, but with his head peeping out. He said I could take a look around. I got to see all the stuff that he got on the Pacific cruise that he took back in the winter.

    Ashley's been doing ...
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  2. Ebola crisis

    "Virus experts have used Ebola spread patterns and airline traffic data to predict that by October 24, there is a 75 per cent chance Ebola will have spread to France and a 50 per cent likelihood it will have been imported into Britain."

    Oh my god we're all going to die.

    (Ebola crisis: Scientists predict airline passengers could bring the virus to Europe within weeks - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation))
  3. Polyphasic sleep now?

    It certainly seems that's what it's come to, thanks to this cold. Thanks to it, got a bit of sleep so far in very short, 1-2 hour spurts per 4 hours. Kind of funny, actually. Also, got medicine for the cold, supposed to be for coughs, but doesn't seem to be helping much so far aside from putting me to sleep for an hour or two.
  4. Come on and SLAM

    and welcome to the JAM.

    But seriously, it's almost scary how well these songs blend together.
  5. 60 Days of Zelda, Part One: Top Ten Games #8

    Continuing the first of our six top ten lists counting down the best of the best in The Legend of Zelda, we have the next installment of our Top Ten Games list!

    #8: Twilight Princess

    I may get some flak for putting Twilight Princess so low (or so high!) on the list, but here goes nothing!

    Twilight Princess was released in 2006 for both
    X Days of X
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