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Serebii Joe fails at TV Tropes

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Now, I'm not in the habit of checking TV Tropes, because it's very easy to lose track of time there, as I'm sure anyone who's ever been there before can attest. I have been made aware of entries about myself on there, and have intentionally avoided editing those myself, not only because I think it's incredibly arrogant and immature, but also because I know I'd be called out on it eventually.

So, guess what I'm about to do?

At 04/Apr/10 at 01:45 PM (by whatever time that TVTropes uses for these things in its records), an edit was made to the Big Name Fan page on TV Tropes by user MowtomFan, whose IP address according to the site is

You can view the Big Name Fan page here
and you can view the recent edits to that page here

Now, you'll notice that edits were made immediately before the one I'm pointing out by someone with the username SaturnYoshi. I can confirm this is the actual moderator. Please look at the content of these edits. Purely correcting the fact that the e in Pokémon wasn't properly accented, and wasn't displaying correctly. SaturnYoshi clearly stated this as the intention of the edits in the edit comment.

User MowtomFan's edit reason was "Serebii paragraph filled with bias (was edited by a Bulbagarden admin) and as stated there's conflict there. Edited with impartiality". Pretty big accusation there. As I just pointed out though....the edit by SaturnYoshi only edited the word Pokémon to make it display correctly, and did not change any content.

User MowtomFan not only edited the entry on Serebii, removing numerous statements by users regarding the general feelings about him in the Pokémon fanbase, but he also edited the entry on myself, something he did not acknowledge in the edit comments, removing a section regarding an apparent rumour that Arceus was named after me.

You'll notice I've been referring to MowtomFan with the male pronoun. No, I'm not being sexist. It's because I know this user to be male.

How is that? Because when I do an IP address search from the Bulbagarden forums control panel, matches to only one user.



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  1. Mako's Avatar
    Editing your own SNBE/BNF entry is just not cool, in any case. No matter what you do, you're gonna look like you're trying to make yourself look better.
  2. Serebii's Avatar
    I was. I freely admit that. I was trying to remove the negative slant that was implanted there. Whether it was from a BMGf mod or not, it still existed.
  3. Mako's Avatar
    It's TV Tropes, Joe. TV Tropes. Negative slant is readily allowed there a lot of the time. Besides, what 'negative slant?' I saw none, to be honest.
  4. Serebii's Avatar
    I suggest you look again.

    Regardless, it wasn't just the negative bit which bugged me, it's the fact that the Serebii bit was negative while the Archaic bit was fairly positive that bugged me. I had a choice of removing the negativity from one or editing the Archaic bit with some of the negative stuff Liam has done over the years. I think I made the right choice, don't you?
  5. Mako's Avatar
    OR you could leave the 'negative slant' in your entry alone and add the 'negative things' into Arcy's entry.

    Ever think of that?

    Please point out this 'negative slant.' I can't seem to find it.
  6. Serebii's Avatar
    Yeah, me adding negative things about Liam. That'd end so well.

    ** Bit of a subversion. Most people deep enough into the Pokemon fandom to know SerebiiJoe do not have a favorable opinion of him. Well, outside his site anyhow.
  7. Mako's Avatar
    Reread my post. WHILE KEEPING THE NEGATIVE THINGS IN YOUR ENTRY. It'd balance out.

    Ah, maybe I don't think that's negative because I've found it to be rather true. For me, I don't dislike you personally. It's your attitude, which can be a bit cocky at times (example: acting as if your "ItemDex was sooper special and awesome, when sites like Bulbapedia have had comprehensive information on the different items for years now), as well as your sub-average spelling and grammar (JUST BECAUSE THE "E" IN "ANIME" SOUNDS LIKE AN "A" DOES NOT MEAN THERE IS AN ACCENT OVER THE E, plus you Randomly capitalize The first letters of Words Unnecisarily a lot.) that get me.
  8. Serebii's Avatar
    It wouldn't balance out, it would just cause arguments.

    I never said the ItemDex was "super special", plus when I was making it, the Item details on Bulbapedia were quite rudimentary. Just because they aren't now does not mean they weren't then. As for my spelling & grammar, if you saw any of my published work or my grades at school, you would see how erroneous that statement is.

    As for the random capitalisation, I stopped doing it years ago and as such, any remaining instances of it are essentially archived. The one "recent" example of it that someone gave was in fact a forum description left over from 2004.
  9. Water Pokémon Master's Avatar
    There. I think I fairly edited it. I added in that Serebii is also known for bullying people and also added-in that he has fought with my site too (definitely waaay more than Archaic or BMG :p). You can't deny you fight or have fought with everyone, Joe. :p I'm also rolling my eyes at the whole "secret sources" thing, since /I'm/ the one who talks to the people at TPCi and /I'm/ the one who consistently gets TCG content before anyone should have it. Serebii's "secret sources" are inconsistent and people who contact him - they're not people he can rely on (re: HGSS tester, English names, etc).

    For Archaic, I took out the Arceus thing. That's just stupid - like the Japanese people at Gamefreak named Arceus after Liam's username, lol. I also took out the TCG deck reference, which made me roll my eyes. Hundreds of people have made archetype decks - that ain't nothin' noteworthy. Even I have. Mercury wasn't even BIG (no offense). :p

    I also arrogantly fleshed-out my entry since I am well-known. If you go to any TCG event, there isn't anyone that doesn't know me or my site. I've never heard anyone mention Archaic, though I have heard a few people mention Serebii (at VG events). I put in some of my unique work with officials and the official companies, which I don't think anyone can match. I also forgot to mention I have talked with Gamefreak on several occasions at events like Worlds, though nothing has really ever come of it (other than that time I confirmed that those silhouettes were the Rotom formes).
  10. Mako's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Serebii
    As for my spelling & grammar, if you saw any of my published work or my grades at school, you would see how erroneous that statement is.
    Let's see those, then.
  11. Phoenicks's Avatar
    A nuetral account of a negative event is not biased. It's the event that's negative, not the account. Thought I'd throw that in there.
  12. Serebii's Avatar
    So WPM, the fact I have had info from the same sources for each game over the last four years means that my sources aren't reliable or consistent. Nice logic.

    Also, I haven't fought with everyone thank you very much. Just you, Liam and GCPM11 really.
  13. Kasumi's Avatar
    Okay, closed to comments. This sort of behavior has to stop. It doesn't make us look any better than Joe.
  14. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    I wanted the Arceus thing to stay… :(

    It's not exactly unheard of. Blizzard has done it.
  15. Archaic's Avatar
    Since Joe has now obviously seen it, I can remove the Featured Entry I set up on this blog post. Just wanted to make it obvious enough that Joe would see it, and I wouldn't get accusations thrown at me months later that I was saying things behind his back.

    While I'll be the first to admit that the Arceus thing is ridiculously unlikely, I do think the removal of it from my section on that page by a rival webmaster with a long and chequered history in dealings with me is incredibly unprofessional. Frankly, editing by any staff of any of the sites who have any staff represented on that page, where that editing isn't strictly for the purposes of editing grammar and spelling, or perhaps adding biographical details of which there could be no reasonable argument (a persons name or the link to their website, for instance) should probably be considered unprofessional.

    Oh, and for the record, I did a search on IP, who originally added the line "** Bit of a subversion. Most people deep enough into the Pokemon fandom to know SerebiiJoe do not have a favorable opinion of him. Well, outside his site anyhow." to that article. Not only doesn't it match to any current or former doesn't even match to a single user we've ever had recordered as registering on Bulbagarden. If you want to go try identifying that person yourself Joe, be my guest.
  16. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    Another thing. I ended up on that page completely by random. I wasn't directed there by Archaic or anyone. I edited it because I can't stand seeing the word Pokémon misspelled.

    Thanks for making my second all-time edit to that site so memorable.
  17. Archaic's Avatar
    One final comment I'd like to add.

    Joe, while I do think it's incredibly unprofessional for either of us to be editing the others entry there, the act of adding negative things to my entry, in and of itself, is not something I'd be actually all that worried about. Might cause some drama among some people before it even reached my attention, but still not something I'd blow up over just because it's negative.

    What might be bad however is how it's phrased. Particular with this kind of wiki, you have to be very careful about stating something controversial in absolute terms without definitive and public proof of it that can be linked to.

    So, if you added something like "A number of people have been critical of Archaic over the years, accusing him of arrogance, and of making poor choices in appointing staff", while I'd certainly rankle a bit at the fact that you personally added it, particularly if you were trying to hide your identity in making that edit as it appeared you were with the one I pointed out in this blog, I would have to admit that it is most certainly a fair assessment, as there have without doubt been such criticisms of me and our hiring practises over the years.

    If however you made a blanket statement like "Archaic is arrogant and mean, throwing out infractions and bans for no real reason, and showing clear favouritism to certain groups of users"...then I would most certainly have more than a few issues with you.
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