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  1. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    To me its about the genre games. Action/Adventure games typically show their awesomeness on consoles while Shooters are generally much better on a computer because of the presicion a mouse offers. RTS games on consoles is not possible at all.
  2. GatoRage's Avatar
    "On a console's controller, you have your hands firmly secured in two positions, your fingers never needing to move more than a centimeters in any given direction and easily allowed to return where they started once they're done."

    This is why I play 1.person shooters on Ps3, I'm just so much more in control of everything with a console controller.
    But the thing is the only games I play on the pc are strategy games. Everything else, like Call of Duty or God of War, I just play on the Ps3.
  3. tyler212's Avatar
    Well actually NY pizza is better. Voted 2nd in the world only behind Italy at least according to Yahoo.

    Ok now on topic, I generaly use consoles for my fps's and any kind of racing games. PC is my go to system for my RTS. I can play FPS's on a keyboard but I always disliked the ease it can be for people to either cheat like aimbot. I also dislike the "leagal cheating" such as having a mouse sensitivity set to uber and that one guy whose playing with 10 screens, 1TB RAM, his own private server farm, 20 processors that was relased two days ago with a watercooled nuclear power supply and liquid nitrogen cooled evetything else.

    That's exaggerated but you know if it was possible there would be a small sect of players with a set up like that. Now you can mod controllers, change sensitivity in menus but the hardware running the game are generaly similar.

    If you plan on getting a gameing rig you should build your own, it's cheaper and better. DON'T BUY A DELL!