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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    It looks so happy!
  2. Peter Quill's Avatar
    My guess would be the eShop thing. Not that it's right, but I seem to recall that the eShop basically imploded when gen VI was released (and the whole PokeBank thing... eeeesh).

    So I guess they had to pick and choose which region would sit out. And it obviously wasn't going to be Japan and I think NOA has more pull than their European counterpart, but that could just be bias talking.
  3. Alexey's Avatar
    There are two possible reasons for the delay of our release:
    1) It is done because of Italian XY leaks that happened back then;
    2) It is done to prevent EShop from overloading, because, apparently, Europe is now somehow a bigger market than North America.

    Both reasons reek with bullshit, but they are the most reasonable of what one could come up with.
  4. Peter Quill's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rocket Raccoon
    @Mako; Oh, I see. As I said I am not allowed to play the games but I have seen them been played in the more stealthy way and so I thought that that was the original concept.
    It was a lot more in the first game, and then they gradually added more things to the combat (chain kills, guns, crossbow, bombs etc) which made it quicker to just waltz in and kill. In the first game it was much harder to do that with your limited skillset.

    That being said, one of the nice things about the series is the ability to choose your playstyle in that regard.
  5. Spypitoad's Avatar
    @Mako; Oh, I see. As I said I am not allowed to play the games but I have seen them been played in the more stealthy way and so I thought that that was the original concept.
  6. Peter Quill's Avatar
    On Assassin's Creed - there's two ways to play an AC game:

    1) kill everyone in sight (as seen in pretty much every AC trailer)
    2) be an assassin, use all your sneaky ninja powers, get in, kill the guy, get out

    The reason why you never see option 2 (which is what you seem to be hoping for) in trailers is because it doesn't look nearly as badass as the big action scene with four guys killing lots of mooks. But you can play that way, and it's definitely rewarding (and a lot more challenging too)
  7. Me Gusta's Avatar
    I just tryed a hackmons extreme team. My main pokemon is Slaking with a Toxic Orb and Poison heal. you can't go wrong with something that can kill the Tao trio, including White and Black kyurems in one hit.
  8. Spypitoad's Avatar
    Thanks @Karamazov;
  9. Karamazov's Avatar
    Happy belated Bulbaversary!
  10. Spypitoad's Avatar
    Thank you @Norzan;
  11. Norzan's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary!
  12. Poke Meerkat's Avatar
    Congrats Spypitoad! Lucky shiny find!
  13. FireBlader15's Avatar
    Wow my Infernape is gonna have a tough rival since he used to stand up and beat water types.
  14. CynthiaLover's Avatar
    Grassy Goats FTW! Yeah, Gogoat is totally awesome! Easily one of the best, if not the best, Grass type of all.
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  16. Karamazov's Avatar
  17. Spypitoad's Avatar
    @DraxxorT; No, I am a follower of Palpitoad. But thanks for the link!
  18. Agent 007, Squirtle's Avatar
    I can't make a list like this. I play WAAAAAAY too many games. If I were to though it would probably have Goldeneye on it.
  19. Neo Blaze's Avatar
    Have you been lying under a Helix Fossil?
  20. DraxxorT's Avatar
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