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  1. zakisrage's Avatar
    Why do you hate Steven?
  2. Norzan's Avatar
    Never knew the pirate chick from Phantom Hourglass liked Wallace from Pokemon.
  3. White Yoshi's Avatar
    I want Wallace as champion because Wallace is the only champion I haven't beaten yet (I never got passed his Wailored :/).

    Steven was way to easy.
  4. Rithirh's Avatar
    All those questions sound relatively normal for when you first meet someone, but perhaps text just doesn't convey the creepiness.
  5. Jolene's Avatar
    You don't get it. People like her will latch on to you like a leech and never go away. I don't want her getting any ideas.
  6. Vubberth's Avatar
    I see that this girl is socially awkward, but it doesn't seem like she was trying to be rude. I feel like your reaction was disproportionate to what was happening...
  7. Team Gaara's Avatar
    "I wanted Wallace to be Champion because I played Emerald as a child and am suffering from Post Nostalgia Stress Disorder because he is not" :K

    As long as they find something to do with Juan, though, I'll be Gucci.
  8. Mokoniki's Avatar
    While I am a Steven whore fan, I do agree with you. I do like Wallace and wish he'd get more recognition.
  9. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
    That's what people don't like, it's repetitive and boring.
  10. Jolene's Avatar
    @Gaga; The only body pillow I have is Diantha.
    @Bolt the Cat; Wallace represents the essence of Hoenn. Endless water. Much more fitting thematically.
  11. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
    The only reason I like Steven as a Champion better is because of the overuse of Water types in the game, the 8th gym is Water, Team Aqua uses Water, and then we get a Champion who uses Water? No, that's too much Water. Steel is a better type specialty because it's fresh, we don't see a lot of Steel type users in the game, we've never had another Steel type Champion, and we have very few Steel specialists in the first place (most of which don't really stand out). That's the only reason for me, I don't really care about either of their personalities that much.
  12. Gaga's Avatar
    jolene pls

    I know you have a Steven body pillow that you sleep with every night
  13. Tyrfing's Avatar
    Don't see the problem with the first 2 quotes? Those are opinions. The third one is just messed up, and the fourth is kinda odd, I guess. Also, your idea is interesting, although Steven had best be battle able post-game too.
  14. Neosquid's Avatar
    I'll buy you more if you want I need an excuse to play Maison more
  15. Karamazov's Avatar
    ^ He's right. We're classy on the blogs, so please use proper, more sophisticated language. Instead of saying "Fuck Pokemon Bank, try "Copulate/Pleasure Pokemon Bank."
  16. Dan's Avatar
    yo, language :(
  17. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    I should use Poke Bank more often I could use some more BP.
  18. Jolene's Avatar
    I don't need stones. I needed TMs and other assorted items.
  19. Silverwynde's Avatar
    Man, and I thought I had it made when I let mine build up to 29 BP... Took me a week of not touching my Bank account to get them.

    Still, that does suck though. =/
  20. BlackButterfree's Avatar
    To be fair, you can use Pokémiles to win stones on the GL website.
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