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  1. Flaze's Avatar
    Well I can definetily say that Alice is an interesting character already. Her personality is very childih if a little cartoony but I guess in general that's a better part of how the humor works from what I can gather. In general I think the first scene does a good job of setting up the general premise of the fic and even throwin some interesting tidbits of world building, like how battling seems to be treated as more of a childish thing in the world of your fic for one. While Alice's personality does make her a very interesting and funny character to me though I'd probably say it's best to tone it down just a little bit, it might get annoying for some people.
  2. winstein's Avatar
    Unrelated question, but is Espurr able to get Assist through breeding? I imagine that as a cat, it could learn it in some way, but levelling up isn't one of them.

    Thanks for reading.
  3. AmphBoss's Avatar
    @Winterdaze; Great minds think alike, & apparently at the same time as well
  4. Norzan's Avatar
    Does the Everstone make the parent holding it pass down its nature 100% of the time in Gen 6 like it did in BW2?
  5. AmphBoss's Avatar
    If you can live with Celeste with her current movepool i.e. just needs to be EV trained there is always the option of Reset bags in Super training
  6. Winterdaze's Avatar
    If your original Meowstic was really good, you could just use a Reset Bag to set her EVs back to 0. You get them sometimes by punching the blank bag on the super training screen.
  7. winstein's Avatar
    I recall that certain fans had an intense dislike for Emolga just because it broke the Eeveelution line. When Eevee's entry is followed by nine different unrevealed spaces, they thought that is a hint for a new Eeveelution, but it turned out to be Emolga. It's not like Emolga did anything wrong, so it comes off as vain. This happened some time ago, and I believe the irritation had subsided by now.

    Thanks for reading.
  8. WindBlast's Avatar
    You had to remind me with the ice wolfy? :(

    In all honesty, I knew that there was no valid reason to believe the ice wolf rumor. But, it is free to swim in the seas of denial and false hopes...so :P

    Edit: And Wulfric didn't help with stuff either XD
  9. Sweet Veil's Avatar
    anything with a scoprion's tail would no doubt have Poison-type in there somewhere
    Gliscor would like a word with you. :P