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  1. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
    Good luck, I hope everything turns out alright.
  2. dragonvs's Avatar
    @UnovaCastaway, I wish you luck treading that territory. I don't think I could ever commit myself to doing one.
  3. UnovaCastaway's Avatar
    I've never tried a nuzlocke myself, so I'll be treading into uncharted waters for that one.
  4. dragonvs's Avatar
    I have to say I like Reshiram over Zekrom as well. Not that I dislike Zekrom, but I happen to fancy the fire dragon just a little more. I wish I could afford both, but as it is I'll be lucky enough to get one this month. Maybe later on down the line I can get Black 2. But it is good to hear there are others that are going after White 2 as well!

    @The Togekiss, that sucks that your 3DS was damanged. I had a problem like that earlier this year. Somehow my DSi was left outside on the ground. It must have fallen out of the vehicle when I parked and got out. I found it sometime later after it had already rained and it no longer worked. I had to save for awhile to get a new one. I was just glad the game in it still worked.

    @UnovaCastaway, I was never really fond of nuzlockes. I've never done one myself, but plenty of my friends do. I just enjoy catching and training my favorite Pokemon. However, it is interesting to hear them talk about it.
  5. UnovaCastaway's Avatar
    I'm getting both, but Black 2 will be my main because I played Black.

    I'll probably nuzlocke White 2 in Challenge Mode.
  6. Orion's Avatar
    I want White 2 because of Reshiram and White Kyurem, but I got Black for Reshiram as well. So I'm getting Black 2 just to give Zekrom/Black Kyurem a chance.
  7. Jabberwocky's Avatar
    I got White 2, just because I got White last time around. I'll probably end up getting both.
  8. John Understands's Avatar
    I'm also getting White 2.

    Why? Because Reshiram kicks ass.

    Also, there is a lot more Pokémon I want in W2 compared to B2, like Lilligant VS Whimsicott.
  9. The Togekiss's Avatar
    I'm getting White 2 as well :3.
    But I won't be able to play it on my 3DS. It just-so-happened to get damaged right before the release of BW2....
    (whips out old DS lite)
  10. dragonvs's Avatar
    I dunno @Catilena1890. Nintendo wifi tends to be tempermental and picky with which internet signal it wants to get along with. About the best I've managed to do from it from here so far is put Pokemon in the dream world and take them back out. I haven't been able to do any trades, as you have seen for yourself, and it's also being tempermental about battles as well. I'll manage something though. Maybe next time a tournament comes around, I won't be so busy and can go to mcdonalds or somewhere that has good solid internet that's not satellite internet and can get a few battles in.
  11. Catilena1890's Avatar
    @dragon I think it had something to do with our service providers. There was probably something programmed into the tournament that they couldn't get a lock on
  12. dragonvs's Avatar
    I hope so. I'll have a team ready if so, @DatGuyBleach
  13. DatGuyBleach's Avatar
    Next time Dragon. We will get them next time as a team.
  14. Catilena1890's Avatar
    You can do it Draggum! The power of Charizard is with you!
  15. dragonvs's Avatar
  16. Karamazov's Avatar
    Good luck in the tournament!