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  1. Kamen_Fanatic's Avatar
    I know you got banned ONCE AGAIN.
  2. Orion's Avatar
    I know you got banned AGAIN.
  3. Baf's Avatar
    Well, you keep getting banned. I know that
  4. AlphaMouse's Avatar
    Not very well, she's been off the forum for a while recently...
  5. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
    As long as you believe it's your calling... chase it, and let no doubt hold you back. If you find yourself drawn (pun) to making map after map, then you might be specifically passionate about the concept of world building. You may want to look into that.
  6. Gama's Avatar
    It's excellent that you found your passion, or might have at least. I'm very happy for you.
  7. Blaze-Boy's Avatar
    What style?
    Realistic or anime/cartoon
  8. Jesterman's Avatar
    well ur icon is v hq art rly good a++
    No, really if art is your passion, my best tip is DON'T practice just to practice. Practice by taking requests and allowing other people to enjoy your art with you! The only reason people I didn't know well liked me is because I drew pretty good art and did requests! Well, thats my tip-thingy.
  9. Leavanny Duo's Avatar
    XD They're gone now.
  10. Leavanny Duo's Avatar
    It's a little of both.
  11. VoltChen Magneton's Avatar
    That feeling is always the weirdest. I had that feeling and I can't stop the cravings.
  12. AlphaMouse's Avatar
    One of my friends wanted a Peanut Butter and Steak sandwich. What the hell!
  13. Dolce's Avatar
    DON'T FORGET THE PEANUT BUTTER! Cause that'll make your meal delish. ;3
  14. Serenity's Avatar
    That sounds like a pregnancy craving. Are you sure you're not pregnant? lol. *is just kidding*
  15. Baf's Avatar
    They share their account.
  16. Pyradox's Avatar
    Could you... explain?
  17. Vanillish Twilight's Avatar
    I don't get it
  18. Dolce's Avatar
    Ahem.....what the hell? o.o Which is which!? D:
  19. Captain_Kaos's Avatar
    Now i will not be on for a while
  20. Captain_Kaos's Avatar
    Ohhhhhh that is sad (for me) BYE
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