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  1. Raichuu's Avatar
    I have a Skitty and dont need it so i'll give you it for free!!!
  2. Crystal Onix's Avatar
    I have a skitty, but to my knowledge you never asked.
  3. Steelrush's Avatar
    You want me to trade you a Skitty?
  4. Crystal Onix's Avatar
    I know, it took 119 eggs hatched, going back and forth in front of the daycare before I got my shiny beldum.
  5. kaisap112's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Octy
    What about Mesprit? :P
    Mesprit was easier, actually, but that could be a level-issue. He was level 50 at the time of catching while the legendary birds were level 70. x.x Can't remember what level the legendary dogs in Gold and Silver were though, just that catching even one of them was HELL. (I never succeeded either.)
  6. Serenity's Avatar
    What about Mesprit? :P