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  1. Pain Split's Avatar
    Thank you for your advice, I will take this into account next time I read a Creepypasta.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    So when do we find out the results?
  3. Black Dragon's Avatar
    Omg Thanks fairy..
  4. Gaga's Avatar
    I was so tempted to vote for this obvious beauty:

    But, alas, I voted for your's
  5. Karamazov's Avatar
    Voted! :)
  6. Elysion's Avatar
    I voted for the guy next to yours.

  7. Konstantinos's Avatar
    Oh, well, grand return for 48 hours.
    JK, have fun with it, and see you around an hour everyday.
  8. Konstantinos's Avatar
    Welcome back!
    Should I forgive you?
    Well, I will since I did change username which would mean black list :))

  9. Niji's Avatar
  10. Meta_Knight's Avatar
    Welcome back.
  11. Black Dragon's Avatar
    Ohai Booster Gold nice to see you.
  12. Totally Not Booster Gold's Avatar
    Ay I know you! xD
  13. Black Dragon's Avatar
    Well hai der Orion. Awesome to see you and welcome back i guess. xD
  14. Orion's Avatar
    Hey there Mr. Knight! I'm sort of making my return as well.
  15. Black Dragon's Avatar
    Aww, poor Moll... D:
  16. Lester Nygaard's Avatar
    Three more feckin' years to go for me. GCSEs and A Levels in one to three years. Yep, UK public school is fun, fun, fun. My sister just finished her last year and is heading off to university. Lucky tart.
  17. Konstantinos's Avatar
    Great! I finished as well, so that makes two!

    Poor Scone...
  18. Frühling's Avatar
    Lucky you! ;-; I still have two months! ;-;
  19. Bill Cipher's Avatar
  20. Black Dragon's Avatar
    That's what I thought..but teh hacker left a message. .
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