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  1. Kyriaki's Avatar

    YES. A thousand times yes. I totally agree. This is one of the best things they did.
  2. Mokoniki's Avatar
    I'm so late. :P But have fun Charles~
  3. Sir Dragelsnart's Avatar
    Good luck :p
  4. Karisse's Avatar
    Have fun :D
  5. ScarletSky's Avatar
  6. Gafigglethorp's Avatar
    I love you too sweetie. It's okay, you can take your time XP

    I'd build a monument out of camel hide :D
  7. Rainbow's Avatar
    No camel
    But I'll still say bye
  8. Xita's Avatar
    What do I even do with 1000 camels
  9. Zima's Avatar

    Thanks for the camels and the mention~
  10. Gaga's Avatar
    Yay, a camel!

    Wait misread.
    1000 camels
    oh no
  11. Exor's Avatar
    that means you have at least 10,000 camels

    have you ever sought help for this peculiar addiction

    that aside, don't die
  12. Heroic Sociopath's Avatar
    Updated 26th September 2014 at 06:26 PM by Heroic Sociopath
  13. Champion Red's Avatar
    My own personal top 5's

    5. Mega Gengar
    4. Mega Garchomp
    3. Mega Aerodactly
    2. Mega Mewtwo Y
    1. Mega Charizard X
  14. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    *Cough* crystals *cough*. Also a mega should be less different then a full evo cause it's still technically the same mon.
  15. Exor's Avatar
    Doesn't list any I like (besides Mega Audino to some extent), which gets you no particular approval but no disapproval either. You're in some sort of gray zone.

    I agree that Mega Heracross sucks and that Absol is overrated tho.
  16. Exor's Avatar
    what the...

    well, that was unexpected. Cute, but unexpected.
  17. Baf's Avatar
  18. ScarletSky's Avatar
  19. Gafigglethorp's Avatar
    You rock too, sweetheart <3
  20. FireBlader15's Avatar
    You are the luckiest person alive!
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