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  1. Julum's Avatar
    I might do a nuzlocke on my black game.
  2. XXdirty_dubstepXX's Avatar
    hot damn. you had a ton of casualties. but kepp on goin! nuzlocke runs take a powerful will.
  3. -Glory Blaze-'s Avatar
    Take that Magikarp to the top, man. I had Gary evolved before Misty(LOL spamming Daycare) and now that Ares the Charmeleon died, him and Joel the Graveler are the co-team leaders in my Fire Red run and we're almost ready for the E4. (Just need to do some grinding on Elijah Jr. the Electrode, Ned the Nidoking, Lex the Snorlax, and Mary the Marowak.)
  4. TerraTF's Avatar
    Sketch, you must be cursed to lose your Water Starters. I hope this reading this doesn't cause me to lose Maxie the Squirtle when I get back from being too lazy.
  5. Lywrong's Avatar
    nezumi means mouse, yo. also, yaaaay One Piece!
  6. Rakarei's Avatar
    NOT SEBASTIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Rakarei's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sketch
    Percy < Sounds like Percent < Percentage < Top Percentage < Joey
    You see I went

    Percy<Percy Weasley<Ron Weasley<Scabbers/Peter Petigrue

    Yours makes more sense.
  8. SharKing's Avatar
    Another starter down, another Oddish caught. See the similarity with the Emerald Nuzlocke?
  9. Kars's Avatar
    starter down
  10. Johto Trainer's Avatar
    Aww, so Diggy and Sebastian are gone. D:

    Well, for Surge, Lily might be of some use because it won't take much damage from Electric attacks. Are you going to try and catch a new Diglett?

    Edit: Nvm about catching a new Diglett, I forgot about the second rule of Nuzlocke.
  11. Trainer-c's Avatar
    Percy didn't want another rodent Pokémon stealing his thunder. (pun intended)
  12. Rakarei's Avatar

    Too bad it's utterly useless until Erika. Evolve it though, my Gyarados saved me ass on my Red Version Nuzlocke many a time.
  13. Kars's Avatar
    he shall murder all

  14. Galactic Tomahawk's Avatar
    Percy is clearly a madman.
  15. Kars's Avatar
    ok i got it
  16. Sketch's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by wataru
    i dont get the rat joke...
    Percy < Sounds like Percent < Percentage < Top Percentage < Joey
  17. Kars's Avatar
    i dont get the rat joke...
  18. Noctis's Avatar
    Poor Tippy. Spinda is an awful Pokemon.
  19. Trainer-c's Avatar
    Winonna went on a rampage, but it looks like you are recovering bit by bit.
  20. Rakarei's Avatar
    Level grind the shit out of everything. It's the only way to win.
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