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  1. Fab's Avatar
    We'll still all call you Zima.
  2. Jolene's Avatar
    Zeemer is the best hands down.
  3. Peeko's Avatar
    I think that Mayfly's the best out of those options. I would choose Shiny Ditto though, if I were you. ;)
  4. Xita's Avatar
    Keep Zima.
  5. Setra's Avatar
    You're always going to be Zima. No matter what. Even if you change it and never go back to Zima, you will be Zima.

    So my vote is stay with Zima.
  6. GastlyGibus's Avatar
    Mayfly has a nice ring to it. If you were to change, that would be my choice. :D
  7. Gaga's Avatar
    it doesn't matter what you change it to, I will call you Zeems
  8. Karamazov's Avatar
    I think Zima's the best. Mayfly's my second choice.
  9. Zexy's Avatar
    I guess Kaji comes from Kajika, right? xD
    I think that both Kagerow and Mayfly could be nice.
    As for Rinsei, I don't know what it is...
    no need to feel silly, deciding on other people's usernames is quite the thing for blogs
  10. Marius's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Norzan
    Hmm, something tells me you are assembling an army of shinies and you are going to try to conquer the world with it.
    Wait, I thought this was already confirmed true.
  11. Norzan's Avatar
    Hmm, something tells me you are assembling an army of shinies and you are going to try to conquer the world with it.
  12. Apawn's Avatar
    Friend code:0061-0809-4165 trainer name:Hayden Player in the BBL
    Mine is an electric safari, don't remember what it has though.
  13. Phoenixon's Avatar
    I do not understand this post.
    (Am I supposed to?)
  14. Gaga's Avatar
    But how do you even begin to jalapeno fly in the watery graves of marshmallow palace?
  15. Mayfly's Avatar

  16. internetro's Avatar
    do you taste good in a smoothie
  17. Robin Storm's Avatar
    Thanks for answering my question! ;)
  18. Mayfly's Avatar
    1. Because she speaks in third person.
    2. Lyrebird is real, making her infinitely better.
    3. If I have to kill people; no, but otherwise, sure.
    4. Same as 3.
    5. I think they're awesome, actually. Being able to trust another nation to the point of having a lack of tariffs. :3
  19. Mayfly's Avatar
    1. I have a ton of Pokemon plushies, so yes. :3
    2. No, but I'd love to.
    3. I like cookies and ice cream quite a bit. Candy's awesome, too.
  20. Lyrebird's Avatar
    1. Why is Lyrebird awesome?
    2. Would you compare Lyrebird to Wonder Girl/
    3. Would you drive a tank?
    4. Would you fly a plane?
    5. What do you think about free trade agreements?
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