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  1. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    The dumbest thing is when parents say "you'll change your mind when you're older" in an argument. Like if you're so sure they'll change their minds anyway then why are you even arguing about it?
  2. AgentRosa's Avatar
    I don't feel I'm ready for either one, and I'll be turning 26 in October. No rushing on this end.
  3. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    Other people's kids suck but want to make more people if the human race is going to continue it should have my descendants instead of other people's lame kids. Even though many people grow up and still don't want kids, you have no idea what you'll be like in the far future. Hell just a few years ago my 50 year old dad went from sports loving salaryman to a tea-totaler who doesn't own a TV.
  4. Snugglefox's Avatar
    Apparently not being selfish = being a bad parent at a kid's expense just so I can be a parent.
  5. Exor's Avatar

    and having kids does not equal being married


    Quote Originally Posted by brown pelipper
    What gets me is when people who don't want to have children are called "selfish." I'm still trying to figure out how that works.
    it is a very selfish thing considering that the human species is too low in number and is in danger of permanently dying out

    the last global population estimate was around 17, iirc
  6. brown pelipper's Avatar
    What gets me is when people who don't want to have children are called "selfish." I'm still trying to figure out how that works.
  7. BlackOsprey's Avatar
    I once had a dream where I was caring for an infant, possibly mine. Even though it was a dream, I can kind of understand why some women want kids... that loving, protective feeling is pretty fierce even when it's not real. Still, I think finding a life partner and having a child are two separate matters that do not have to go hand in hand. As far as I can tell, raising a child well takes a staggering amount of patience and responsibility, and I understand why some prefer to avoid the matter altogether.
  8. Flopjack's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Team Gaara's Mum
    Ugh no
    maybe adopt
    but never pregnancy or childbirth I mean ow
  9. Berrenta's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Team Gaara
    I feel you~ I wanna get married, but I honestly don't want kids. And my mom always says "Sure you will. You don't need to want kids now, but you will later. EVERY WOMAN WANTS TO HAVE KIDS. Just wait."
    Every woman? Apparently she doesn't know about those that just don't want kids ever. Myself being one of them.

    I have endured enough little kids in public places. I don't see myself being good with them anyways, so what's the point in having them if you can't take good care of them? Not sure if I want to get married, though. If I do, my partner needs to respect how I feel.
  10. Team Gaara's Avatar
    I feel you~ I wanna get married, but I honestly don't want kids. And my mom always says "Sure you will. You don't need to want kids now, but you will later. EVERY WOMAN WANTS TO HAVE KIDS. Just wait."

    But I honestly don't want kids. People always talk about how bad it is when people who aren't responsible have kids. Well I can pretty much guarantee that me having a child will not be a pleasant experience for that child should I retain my current irresponsible-ass state of mind. I don't want a kid I couldn't properly take care of for THEIR own good.
  11. AgentRosa's Avatar
    This was my situation when I graduated high school, but instead of marriage/children, it was college. People would always give me disappointed looks or make subtle stabbing remarks whenever I told them that I didn't(and still don't) plan on going to college after I had graduated high school.

    However, there is a difference between "just asking" and actually expecting you to have kids. If they were just wondering and not expecting you to do as they suggest, then there's no need to get defensive about it.
  12. Chibster's Avatar
    I know right?? I hate when people speculate when they think a couple is going to have kids. -_-
  13. Lysson's Avatar
    Couldn't agree more! It's a very old fashioned way of thinking because one of the wedding vows available (in church) is something about having children.

    I mean, there's me thinking that marriage is about caring for and growing old with someone I love but these people clearly know more about marriage then we do.
    Silly me thinking marriage is about love.
  14. ScarletSky's Avatar
    Of course. It's entirely a couple's choice on whether to have children or not. It's certainly not a requirement for being married.
  15. J Jay's Avatar
    I'm going to be honest, this didn't appeal to me as Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun did last season. I went in viewing both of them as gender-flipped pastiches of the usual clichés (shoujo and mahou shoujo respectively) but the former had a self-awareness that this series eschews in favour of piling on the gags. That's definitely not bad on its own, but it's not my preference.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it though, it's not hard to see the appeal.
  16. CakeFairyForever's Avatar
    It would be awesome if they made a second season but with how it ended I don't really see how they would build a new storyline. I hope it gets a disc release though. I'd buy it in a heart beat! :)
  17. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    I loved this anime. I found it really funny and it made me laugh a lot while watching it.

    I would definately watch a second season if its made.
  18. PickleMendip's Avatar
    For me, smell is a powerful influence on whether or not i feel ill in a car. The smells of fuel, stuffy upholstery, an unclean car (food wrappers etc) can be just as bad or worse than the motion itself. Different cars have varying effects on me.

    One trick i found from being a child, is that if you suck on a mint it alleviates the symptoms. (I go through half a pack of Polos in an hour).

    Another thing i found by chance that might help is to use Rescue Remedy. 4 drops on your tongue about half an hour before you are due to start the journey. You can find it in alternative health shops as it's made from flower extracts.

    Sad to say, I've suffered from motion sickness from a very early age and it still affects me. Trains, motorbikes and boats don't bother me at all, just cars and buses. It's one of the reasons i didn't learn to drive.
  19. Lysson's Avatar
    I find it quite annoying when the bathrooms are of full of girls putting on makeup and you can't get to a sink or they put their bags near the only usable sink. I only check to see if I look ok if I did something that may have made me look weird like rubbing my eyes or getting my hair caught. If you need to keep re-applying makeup you need to damn well look for new makeup.
  20. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    And never where perfume cause it's the spawn of Satan. God it's nasty, feels like pesticide.
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