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  1. X Dragoon's Avatar
    That's a reason I lost some respect for all Ryu archetype characters.......people playing as them spam Hadouken 24/7 in a little corner and Shoryuken if you get in close, or use the Tatsu to run away.

    But if he spams, trying using Vega's Flying Barcelona, or M Bison with Head Stomp and Devil Reverse to get in.
  2. Oblivion's Avatar
    Now, here's the real question.

    Does he commit one of the biggest fighting game sins in the history of man?

    Does he...


    Spam Hadoukens?
  3. Oswin's Avatar
    Teach him that every time he does this, you will punch him in the face IRL.
  4. Zhwoobatte's Avatar
    I know your pain...
    *Looks at Sgt.Pepper's*
  5. Abba's Avatar
    Dammit, I was gonna link that video!
  6. Mr Metagross's Avatar