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  1. TLZ the Confirmer's Avatar
    Where in the world is the blog edit button?
  2. Fluffy Cinccino's Avatar
    I wanted Reshiram to keep partying...
  3. ChinYao's Avatar
    Baw D8, you stole !Tommy's spot!!
  4. Luna Tiger's Avatar
    So the best name to be is "! a", if you can't simply be "!".
  5. TLZ the Confirmer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by farewell, friend
    I'm so awesome I don't need shameless publicity stunts to be known.
    Sure you don't.

    ![space] comes before !! anyway, so...


    Seriously, if you come ahead of me, I will find you.

    EDIT: Yeah, I'm shunned forever. Go me.
    Updated 22nd April 2011 at 11:31 AM by TLZ the Confirmer
  6. farewell, friend's Avatar
    I'm so awesome I don't need shameless publicity stunts to be known.
  7. Karamazov's Avatar
    So...now someone would just change their name to " !! 1" or something to get ahead of you.
  8. Akaiyou's Avatar
    That's great, son! Now, about this thing called "social life" we were talking about...

  9. Gligar13's Avatar
    Send this to the fail trolls here, or time travelers.
  10. Zekurom's Avatar
    Go ahead. You see what happened to me, right?
  11. Kthleen's Avatar
    Not particularly, but if you want to....
  12. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    The cause is TM2-Megatron. He was Patient Zero.
  13. TM2-Megatron's Avatar
    They make good avatars.
  14. Ivysaur's Avatar
    Pony fever? Not nearly as bad as it was a month ago or so.
  15. double trouble!'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shiny Celebi
    Please, no more ponies.
  16. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    Please, no more ponies.
  17. Kayi-chan's Avatar
    I don't see you falling yet, but I hope you do soon, and join the Pony Cult of Bulbagarden! *opens arms to receive yet another member with a hug*
  18. Mintaka's Avatar
    The only cure I can think of is making another "fever" xD

    ...any ideas? :D