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  1. Delphonso's Avatar
    But first I'll take a break from pokemon games. This last one was a strain on me.
  2. Delphonso's Avatar
    If I do, I think I'll do Pearl.

    Generation IV was a huge disappointment to me. Maybe a Nuzlocke challenge will make it fun.
  3. Karamazov's Avatar
    Aw, so sad. D: You doing another run?
  4. Delphonso's Avatar
    Thanks. I hope this group will last.
  5. Rakarei's Avatar
    Looks good so far. Good luck.
  6. Delphonso's Avatar
    Ah, good point. I'll stick with what I've got for now.

    As you'll see in a few seconds when I post an update, I got a Wingull who took out Brawley easily and a Makuhita whom I'm level grinding to take out the Magnemites.
  7. GoldeenTail's Avatar
    ^Seems good enough. The OP could reset if (s)he doesn't mind it.
  8. Rakarei's Avatar
    >Double Kick at level 16.
    >Peck to deal with Brawley.
    >Double Kick/Ember for the Magnemites/Magnetons.
    >By now you probably have a water type.
  9. Kars's Avatar
    ^level grind for combusken with double kick
  10. GoldeenTail's Avatar
    I wouldn't say so. The first gym would be tough for the OP.
  11. Rakarei's Avatar
    Should've gone with Torchic.
  12. Delphonso's Avatar
    Thanks. In this game, the trainers weren't a problem, it was the wild pokemon. Criticals were common and they mainly used offensive moves rather than status altering.

    Plus Sophia was poisoned every time she got hit by an attack that could cause poisoning... .____.

    I think I'm going to do Ruby, I'll post about it soon. I'm gonna work on some pictures to make it more entertaining first.
  13. Rakarei's Avatar
    Try again at the same game a few times, it becomes much easier because you know where the troublesome trainers are.