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  1. return of ROMCH's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Aviator Zero
    You need to look up the words "harassment" and "opinion" before you accuse others of harassment based on their opinions. I never insulted/abused anyone (as per harassment), I just criticized their watching of a little girl's show. If it's harassment to have an opinion, then sue me.
    while I agree with you somewhat about the show... I have friends at school who are bronies and they love the show, BUT, i have people harrass me at school for liking pokemon saying "it's for little kids ad thats a fact" even though they know it's an opinion. so if you don't know what harrasing based on opinions is take a look at my caller id (I got 20 calls in one month alone because people looked up my last name in the phonebook and yelled their sh*t at me)
  2. Aviator Zero's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Te-em
    I'm still looking for a subtitled version, because the one sub I found the beginning was cut out for some reason.
    I've managed to find the first movie and the story of Mewtwo subbed, and many things are very different. I've already noted the dub edits here: The Uncut Story Of Mewtwo's Origin - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia
    As for the video... well, I'm not sure if we're allowed to share, but it's on a website, not a download.
  3. Eleven's Avatar
    I'm going to buy new copies of Pokemon games to hold onto them. ._.
  4. SharKing's Avatar
    Holy hell. Nearly $700 for a "new" copy of Blue. 0_0
  5. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
    Oh wow, I'd totally love to have one of those controllers for my n64.

    Also, interesting "unrelated present." The fuzzy handcuffs are a nice touch.
  6. Aviator Zero's Avatar
    After over a year, I look back and epiphany that the Hori looks like a Metroid. Whoa.
  7. Te-em's Avatar
    The "antennae" is probably for balance or perhaps they are antennae. I think Zubat is supposed to have legs hidden. I've seen that somewhere in a Pokemon walkthrough magazine. Very simple legs it uses to hang upside down.
  8. Te-em's Avatar
    Much better than the new art. Not that the new Pokemon have bad design, it's more about the artwork. New Pokemon would look good if drawn this way too.
  9. Te-em's Avatar
    Found this on youtube some years ago. It's the VHS version, with the original animations they later edited in the DVD. Unfortunately, it's in flv format and with low resolution. But the quality is otherwise good, because if you play the video its original size, there are no pixels or crap in the picture.

    I'm still looking for a subtitled version, because the one sub I found the beginning was cut out for some reason. Why would someone do that when uploading a movie? It wasn't the dub, so there shouldn't have been any cut out scenes, not major ones at least. I also have a complete DVD version without subs, but I find the VHS version valuable because of the different artwork/animation in some areas. I wonder if that version was ever released on DVD, or did everyone forget about it?

    About that CD, it's really interesting story about Mewtwo, the Rocket Dan making him attack humans and Pokemon. I wish Pocket Monsters could still be like that today. It was more dramatic.
  10. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    OMG Froakie is not ugly ;_;

    The Y bird looks badass I didnt notice before because I havent really seen it that close up.
  11. Jabberwocky's Avatar
    Froakie is not ugly what are you talking about he is a majestic creature

    Also he looks like ben franklin beat that
  12. Pidgeot's Avatar
    The DPPt Tropius sprite is really bad. Looks like a Gen III sprite.
  13. Aviator Zero's Avatar
    Aw, it does? I suppose more people use that one... I guess I better make a quick change. Thing is, I designed mine around Bulba's Spring, which I think looks better.
    Thanks for pointing it out and for the analysis!

    For now I have put white text with no background image. I'll try to get my old background to work later.

    Update: I can finally get a decent background other than the hideous green, but I'm still limited by the fact that the blog editor won't let me use a background image more than once... Ugh, I hate vb4!!!
    Updated 20th June 2012 at 01:31 AM by Aviator Zero
  14. winstein's Avatar
    Interesting that Growlithe is based on the guardian dogs that could be seen as statues outside certain homes. I find it interesting that there are two statues, where one opens the mouth to ward off the bad, and one closes the mouth to keep the good. Both of these Pokemon may not be my favourite, but even I have to admit they are well-designed.

    I do not know if you noticed this, but the colour scheme you are using clash with the default Bulbagarden skin (Erika's New Garden). Basically, the text on you main blog is difficult to read because the colour of the text makes it almost invisible to the green colour background. Perhaps you could look into it.

    Thanks for reading.
  15. Aviator Zero's Avatar
    I have done another speedrun, which took me 9 hours, 32 minutes (or 9 hours, 16 minutes of actual play time)
  16. Aviator Zero's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger Jack Walker
    So you're gonna have to do the judging all over again. XD
    Hahaha. Very funny.
    I bet not even 200 of the Pokémon will get new sprites. As you can see from BSoEP, many B/W animations are pointless. But oh no! Oshawott removes it scalchop briefly in its new animation! Hold onto your tits, folks!
  17. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    So you're gonna have to do the judging all over again. XD
  18. Steelrush's Avatar
    The remakes are better than the originals in my opinion.
  19. Aviator Zero's Avatar
    I wasn't, I was asking about your bad experience.
  20. Jabberwocky's Avatar
    Just stating my opinion, man. No need to get passive-aggressive.
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