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  1. The Miniryu's Avatar
    Yes I took care of Team Galactic.
  2. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    Have you completed the Windworks deal? It shows up on the Friday after you do that.
  3. The Miniryu's Avatar
    Gym two coming up... how scary...
  4. Kyuuketsuki's Avatar
    Don't underestimate the Gym Leaders... or you'll lose... *cries*
  5. Kars's Avatar
    thats how it works
    messed up when the first thing you see is a abra and it goes poof
  6. The Miniryu's Avatar
    ONE TIME ONLY? Awww.... D:
  7. Kars's Avatar
    onetime only
    neet trivia huh?
  8. DarkShadowJake's Avatar
    Means you use a blog to advertise something, such as fanfics.
  9. The Miniryu's Avatar
  10. Vaexa's Avatar
    /shameless self-plug

  11. Vaexa's Avatar
    /shameless self-plug