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  1. harryheart's Avatar
    Sorry to see you go! I've thoroughly enjoyed playing in mafia games with you, and like Soulmaster said, working with you no matter how briefly. All the best in everything you do, you'll be missed.

    God bless
  2. Hitomi's Avatar
    I'm going to miss your wifoming poopieheaded ways but good luck in life, bud. :)
  3. Parma's Avatar
    Good luck with your future.
  4. Gama's Avatar
    Sorry to hear this. Hope you find all that you need by leaving.
  5. Eleven's Avatar
    Master Mew, your contributions to the War Room will not be forgotten. We will miss you.
  6. Zenax's Avatar
    Sad to see you go, but life should always take priority over Bulba. Best of luck in all your future endeavors.
  7. Flaze's Avatar
    I'm sad to see you go but I can understand your reasons :c talk to you on skype.
  8. Plumbum's Avatar
    Good luck with whatever your future's gonna hold. Make it good mate, I hope we do see you from time to time in any case.
  9. LightningTopaz's Avatar
    I'm saddened and shocked that you have to go--I hope you'll come back and see us one day when things get better
  10. Paperhorse's Avatar
    I'm honestly upset to see you go, you're a great mod and a good friend. Good luck to you. Make sure you stop by skype occasionally. I'll miss you.
  11. yourlilemogirl's Avatar
    aw man I was wondering where you went off to :c
    goobai M&M, i shall miss you! <3
  12. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    It sucks that there's not enough time in the day to do everything you enjoy. But kudos to you for sorting out your priorities.

    May you find success in all of your future endeavors, MM! :D
  13. J J M's Avatar
    All the best, MM. It was always fun having you around, but priorities always comes first. Hope to still talk to you in the future.
  14. Venom's Avatar
    Good bye Master Mew and good luck with life.
  15. System Error's Avatar
  16. Kyriaki's Avatar
    Best wishes, Master Mew!!
  17. GliscorMan's Avatar
    Whoa. When life hits, it hits hard, huh?

    Fair thee well, and may the wind be ever-under your wings!
  18. HumanDawn's Avatar
    If we can still talk on Skype, then it isn't so bad, but I'm sure that you'll be greatly missed here irregardless. I really appreciate your contribution to the War Room with your attitude, and maybe one day, we can play another game together, but for that to happen you must fix your life and priorities, so with that, good luck and good bye, Master Mew! ^_^
  19. Serenity's Avatar
    Oh wow, I'm shocked to hear this but I understand. I wish you the best of luck in all you do!
  20. AceTrainer14's Avatar
    I am shocked by this, but it is completely understandable - real life always comes first. I was looking forward to working closer with you, but I wish you all the best and hope that you can regain the balance in your life :)
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