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  1. The Puppetmaster's Avatar
    Urgh, this frustrated me, as well. :(
  2. AceTrainerChristy's Avatar
    The Pichu from the Pokemon Box: Ruby and Saphire knows Surf.

  3. AceTrainerChristy's Avatar
    /sits in Emo Corner
  4. Kutomba's Avatar
    Yep. Great week.
  5. Catspring's Avatar
    I want. -grabby hands-
  6. ghaskan's Avatar
    Easier RNG, luck, or past experience from Gen IV games?
  7. SharKing's Avatar
    That'll make one sweet Scolipede.
  8. Mintaka's Avatar
    Awesome :D
  9. Nick's Avatar
    All 31!? Wow!
  10. Tolan's Avatar
    AI? What?
  11. Gligar13's Avatar
    It's an AI pokemon, so it's hacking.
  12. Tolan's Avatar
    Thanks. I wouldnt really needa cable, so that wouldnt really bother me.
  13. Gligar13's Avatar
    Micro does work with link cables, but you need special cables. There is also a wireless adapter for it. And there are instructions on how to modify it for the gamecube.

    Gamestop does get micros in once in a while, but they are harder to come by then just a normal SP. They are $35 bucks though when they do get them. It does have the bright screen of the DS Lite and the AGS-101 SP. If you want one really bad, go on their site and punch in your zip for the nearest location with a micro.

    Amazon also has em for $50-60 used.
  14. Tolan's Avatar
    Ya, I know
  15. RaccoonGoon's Avatar
    Really? Still around that price? Thats strange. I guess people want it now that they can't buy 'em in stores now. Don't spend above 70 on it though, go for the 40-50 range if you can.
  16. Tolan's Avatar
    @Ivysaur, I already have one, but I really want a micro kinda
  17. Tolan's Avatar
    @Raccoon, still about much, but i really wish that the price dropped.

    @System, What?
  18. Ivysaur's Avatar
    Don't get the Micro. If anything, get an SP. Micro doesn't even have Link Cable capability...
  19. System Error's Avatar
    Official list of Gameboy Micro Pros:
  20. RaccoonGoon's Avatar
    How much are they going for these days? Mine was around 70-80 bucks when they came out...
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