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  1. Meloetta23's Avatar
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    Yes, I do look at both sides of an issue. Like I said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so everyone deserves a fair chance.

    And I do agree with your stance on book banning. Some books have been banned for really strange reasons. I know many of the books we read in my school (for summer reading or otherwise) have been banned at some point.

    I've also heard that The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is coming under fire for its use of the N-word. Now I don't condone the use of that particular word in mixed company, but obviously Tom Sawyer was written before the civil rights movement, and the N-word was just something they said back then and no one really thought twice about it. Besides, it's part of the American culture; we can't eliminate every trace of how America--or any other country for that matter--was or we'll end up with an entire generation of people who have no idea what slavery is. People who want to ban and/or censor books because of things like that do mean well, I'll give them that, but there is always a possibility of going too far. What should be done is that teachers can explain to children that using words like that was acceptable in that day and age, but it isn't now.
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  2. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
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    Yes! Somebody else who likes looking at both sides of an issue!

    As for me, one that caught my attention was book banning. For those of you who need a little brush-up:

    I'm against book banishment. People should be able to read whatever they want. They can have their own opinions on it. Just because they read it doesn't mean they like it or agree with it. If the government feels they need to ban a book because it might give the people certain ideas (for example, the apartheid government of South Africa even once banned the harmless tale Black Beauty simply because of its title), then something tells me that government's authority in the first place needs to be questioned.
  3. Aori's Avatar
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    HAHA, sometimes one gets the urge to blog XD
    Me? I got the urge of completing your this exercise. it sounds like fun ^^

    Emotion- Anger
    Color- Fire red
    Sound- Growling, barking and screaming
    Smell- Like a barbecue (...)
    Taste- It tastes spicy. Like wasabi, maybe.
    Texture- It's like lava.

    Emotion- Sadness
    Color- Dark, gray-ish blue
    Sound- The raindrops hitting your window when it's raining outside
    Smell- The smell of cold wind
    Taste- Salty.
    Texture- It's soft, but when you wrap yourself in it, you feel like staying there forever, which isn't a good thing.

    Emotion- Happiness
    Color- Rainbow. Lilac, baby pink, yellow, sky blue. Happy pastel colors.
    Sound- Laughter and kisses
    Smell- Like when you're baking a cake
    Taste- Sweet. It's warm, like a fudge brownie.
    Texture- Soft like a baby's blanket.

    Emotion- Confusion
    Color- Black
    Sound- Glass shattering. Then, you hear no sound at all...
    Smell- It doesn't smell like anything.
    Taste- Sour
    Texture- It hurts when you touch it.

    Emotion- Bravery/Confidence
    Color- Gold. The purest of golds.
    Sound- A choir singing.
    Smell- Fresh air
    Taste- Bittersweet. It's very yummy (XD...)
    Texture- Rough, but still nice to the touch.
  4. AlexandraTheZoroark's Avatar
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    iTouches are AWESOME. Not only do they have apps and a ton of memory, but you can also access the iTunes Store without having to hook your iPod to the computer

    Hopefully you can try and get one soon
  5. BxSalamence55's Avatar
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    The Ipod Touch is amazing you should save money to buy one, just like you I had a 4th gen nanon but since I became a DJ I had to get one to store my music.
  6. CrackFox's Avatar
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    I find Snape attractive.

    It's a really good movie. I didn't get to see it at an IMAX cinema but I can imagine how good it will look.
  7. Insanish Danish's Avatar
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    Ron, Ron, Ron Weasley
  8. Karamazov's Avatar
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    Just according to keikaku. (TN: keikaku means plan.)
  9. GatoRage's Avatar
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    Cool Hand Luke.
    That is all.
  10. CrackFox's Avatar
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    Technology is really poor but I've got a mini fridge and it's never given me any problems.

    Wireless routers are so annoying, I had to buy a Ethernet cable to keep me from going insane. I think no matter what make of router you have, the bottom line is..wireless sucks!

    There's never anything to watch when I look so I always sky plus the stuff that I always miss and watch it back. I never watch regular TV anymore, I just watch recordings.
  11. Kutomba's Avatar
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    Yeah, I prefer the Simpsons to a president blabbing about something boring.
  12. CrackFox's Avatar
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    I get all my eye checks done at Wal-Mart (we call it 'ASDA' in Britain)
    The optician is really handsome so I don't mind him breathing on me either! :D
  13. Fennel's Avatar
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    Lucky you! School ends for me on the 28th. :P
  14. AshK's Avatar
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    In Canada you need one Canadian history credit, and one civics credit (civics is probably the government credit in the US)... I'm talking about Highschool, which I'm assuming you are in.
  15. ChinYao's Avatar
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    Wow... If you manage to learn the piano--which I'm certain you will--you could always look into being a music teacher as well ^_^, since you like Music Theory. I don't know if you like teaching others about music though... you might, since you like to talk about it =)

    Awww, that sounds like a nice relationship!