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  1. shabu420's Avatar
    it's thursday when are you going to announce it
  2. shabu420's Avatar
    flareon and palkia
  3. twiztid lucario's Avatar
    Lucario and Heatran
  4. Carissa24's Avatar
    Is this still open? If so i guess Shaymin and Claydol
  5. Dawn~'s Avatar
    Wellll... surprisingly, nobody guessed it right. :O I also figured there'd be more posts!

    It's ok, someone got close. The answer was 10. :P
  6. JSteel's Avatar
    31, I love Greg
  7. Lee-Ann's Avatar
    18 popped into my head.

    I love Greg!

    ..For some reason..
  8. sarge133's Avatar
    28, I love greg
  9. Dawn~'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jilly
    I love Ol' Greg. (:
    HEY NOW.
  10. Daena's Avatar
    22! I love Greg! :D
  11. jilly's Avatar
    I love Ol' Greg. (:
  12. Ghost's Avatar
  13. Dawn~'s Avatar
    Yep. You're allowed to guess whatever number you want.

    Otherwise 3 people wouldn't be able to win then, right!? :D So I'll take your guess as 31. [:
  14. Johto Trainer's Avatar
    Are we allowed to guess what someone else already guessed? If so, I guess 31. If not, I guess 30.

    I love Greg.
  15. Bullfinch's Avatar
    13 <3

    I love Greg~
  16. Angad's Avatar
    31. I love Greg.
  17. Feolthanos Exultant's Avatar
    I guess 17.

    I love Greg.
  18. Durbe's Avatar
    I guess 9

    I love Greg.
  19. Ubermensch's Avatar
    I'm gonna guess 8.

    Btw, I LOVE Greg.
    Updated 10th June 2010 at 09:39 PM by Ubermensch
  20. Neox's Avatar
    im guessing it is 11

    and I love Greg
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