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  1. Redclaws's Avatar
    not really the point of the entry, but... thanks? :P

    This is ridiculous, ...theres no excuse for their actions. I'm going to college in a year, and they have parental controls on
    1. my wii (which I bought completely with my money. Every cent. PLUS I just paid 85 dollars to repair it. they have no right to go on it, add parental controls, and delete people out of my address book that they dont like, without telling me)
    2. my profile on our computer
    3. the internet on the computer (which I cant use unless they log me in)
    4. they can turn off the internet so I cant play games on wifi so I dont talk to "all these people I dont know"

    Really, they just need to give me space, I dont give two ***** about what they think is right. Its time for me to start taking my life into my own hands. I need to start making my own decisions, otherwise when i get to college, I'll be effed
  2. TM2-Megatron's Avatar
    Pornos usually aren't rated R. I think that's what NC-17 is for. Most studios try to avoid the R rating at all cost, anyway. Teens make up too much of their market, and an R rating on a movie that most teens will want to see just stops companies from making money.

    Of course, avoiding an R rating like that is what helps ruin movies like the first Alien Vs. Predator.
  3. Redclaws's Avatar
    well, I had them when I WENT to the beach, but I had to walk on the rocks getting back to the car... gah...
  4. CuboneKing's Avatar
    Weird, I was just at my local beach... At least be lucky you brought sandals, no sandals + rocky beach = D:
  5. Redclaws's Avatar
    yes Green, but not all of them get stolen... ugh. I'm so mad...

    and yeah, people are dicks. like seriously
  6. Kthleen's Avatar
    They're people. They'll steal anything that's not bolted down, and pry up then steal anything that is bolted down.
  7. Ghost's Avatar
    Almost everyone leaves there sandals lying on the beach.
  8. Redclaws's Avatar
    doesnt it just make you feel a little sad? lol
  9. Kantomasta's Avatar
    agreed. Thats about what ive done.
  10. Artificial-Insanity's Avatar
    they're probably just trying to teach you responsibility or something.

    At the moment, I don't even have my learner's let alone a car... I dunno what I'd have to do about insurance.. knowing my dad, he'll probably just pay it all. XD (though, I'll gladly pay some when I get a job)
  11. Artificial-Insanity's Avatar
    What's GPX?
  12. Redclaws's Avatar
    I want to, but as I've said, my parents wont let me because of the money we've spent on it

    Quote Originally Posted by .KonpekiAkuma
    1) I don't take kindly to your use of the word "gay" in placement of "stupid" or "dumb," thank you very much. Sorry, but it had to be done.

    2) So quit then.
    Quote Originally Posted by CuboneKing
    You might want to change the title before gay people get offended...

    But yeah, that must suck :(

    This is what they said by the way, as I cant figure out how to approve comments
    Updated 13th July 2010 at 01:37 PM by Redclaws
  13. ScarletSky's Avatar
    I hate it when stuff like that happens. I'd suggest leaving the team.
  14. Redclaws's Avatar
    well, I couldn't figure out how to approve your comments, as it wouldnt let me select them, but I'm sorry for offending you Konpeki, I wasnt thinking, and I'm just really mad at them. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    and Cbone king, you're too late, I already offended someone!

    Also, I cant quit because we've already paid for it, and my parent wont let me, even when they're the ones who mostly talked me into it in the first place. Then they get mad at me when I even suggest that they pushed me into doing it. They're so stupid! I KNOW they pushed me. I'm not just making it up.
  15. Redclaws's Avatar
    well, sorry if I misread it, but to me it seemed like it was intended to be hurtful. Sorry if I misread you.
  16. evkl's Avatar
    I pay for my car. Have since I got it.
  17. Sublime's Avatar
    How is she yelling? She was just being sarcastic.
  18. Redclaws's Avatar
    I never said I was complaining, so stop yelling at me for it! *cough Kameil cough* I was simply wondering if other people my age had to.
  19. Iteru's Avatar
    My friends all have to pay for their insurance and fuel costs. They deserve to as they can drive and I can't :P
  20. gaara-naruto_fan's Avatar
    i agree weird al is cool!
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