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  1. Articwolf10's Avatar
    That was a typo XD I might not have noticed itif you hadnt brought it up. AndI'm trying my Grammer isn't that great ut i've gotten better and thanks =)
  2. winstein's Avatar
    There is something in FireRed and LeafGreen that gives Charmander a chance to get past the first Gym, which is a move called Metal Claw. This is more or less a blessing because at least Charmander has something to hurt Geodude and Onix with, though it may take some time since both has a higher Defence.

    I find it interesting that you think the tale of a nine-tailed fox is Japan-exclusive, because last I checked, the Chinese and Korean has similar legends. This is also referring to the post where you don't believe that Zoroark can represent the gumiho. By the way, what do you mean Ninetales doesn't evolve from a Fire-type that you mention in Flareon's entry? Vulpix is a Fire-type as well!

    It's more detailed than your last blog, so that's great, but the comments could use more elaboration on why certain Pokemon deserve the rating, especially those 5 out of 5 ones. In terms of competitive battling, you can elaborate more on why the qualities make them great, although I understand when you didn't give enough depth on the Pokemon's capabilities. Also, your English could be better, because a good and proper language makes an article more readable.

    Thanks for reading.
  3. Bulba_Panda's Avatar
    wow did people actually have a Charizard by the time they fought Surge? I would never have a hope of doing that.
  4. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    Charizard: His crippling weakness and tier position makes me wonder why he's still popular; it could've ruined his rep. Whenever you plan to use Charizard or Moltres, you're forced to add a rapid spinner on your team thus wasting a slot for another Pokemon you want (that's something I hate to do). Also, Charizard doesn't have the stats to use EQ to beat electric types, and Solarbeam's too risky as it's a 2-turn move, plus so many weather changers. This is why it should get Earth Power and maybe Energy Ball.

    Ninetales: You've forgot to mention it having Energy Ball giving it complete coverage on its only weaknesses, leaving more room for others.

    Arcanine: Kudos to our favorite fire dog.

    Rapidash: It needs a better fighting move to cover rock types, so it won't be limited as a mix sweeper. This leaves it only weak to Ground, which take neutral damage from fire moves (just stay away from water/ground types as a reminder). Also, HARMONY HARMONY ALL LOVE!

    Magmortar: It's got almost everything it needs, yet it's still a NU Pokemon. This proves that even with necessary evolutions, they'll still be treated like crud.

    Flareon: He has no real moves.

    Moltres: Not a big fan of the fire bird, so no comment.
  5. Articwolf10's Avatar
    Well... I had Larvesta and I am oppsesed with having fully evolved pokemon so... any ideas for my black team?
  6. Fennel's Avatar
    Lv. 70? Nice! Mine were at Lv. 55.
  7. Articwolf10's Avatar
    I heard that the first onw is fake but still there are people who are actually like this... as for the second one... not sure but i think it might be and the preacher good god he'sa nutter
  8. Zenax's Avatar
    ... Is that a fake? I seriously hope it is.
  9. Mako's Avatar
    Yeah, Landover's satirical. None of it is actually serious.

    Cornswalled, on the other hand...
  10. Arc Blader's Avatar
    It should be noted that Land Over Baptist is a well-documented parody site. They've been mentioned as such in several places, including Dogasu's Backpack. Read their Wikipedia article if you're not convinced.
    What's sad is that people like the ones they set out to make fun of actually exist, though.
  11. Kars's Avatar
    these people are so fucking stupid
  12. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    I don't know if some of these would be considered archetypes. (Eg. Regional Cat/Dog/Monkey/Water-Flying/Ghost/Flower) Seems more like pure luck/a random idea then GF consciously going for those ideas.

    Since dogs and cats are common household pets, it makes sense why there would be a decent amount of them in the games. Monkeys and flowers are common knowledge too, so no surprise we get one of those every region.

    As for the typing, we multiple Mons with the same type every region, I don't see what's so special about those two you mentioned.
  13. Articwolf10's Avatar
    In the PMD game (I can't remember which one...) You have to befriend all the birds. Plus in XD after you snag Shadow Lugia the Boss guy has the Birds... Plus I think in one of the Pokemon Ranger games you hae to se every Pokemon in the Browser (Including the Birds) to fight Lugia
  14. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    I don't think that its implied anywhere other than the anome that Lugia has any connection to the Legendary Birds.
  15. Kars's Avatar
    good read bro
  16. winstein's Avatar
    As per your request, I decided to tell you the improvements you can make from the blog, so that you can have better future entries. It's nice that you decided to review the Fire-types, but as of now, it is not perfect yet.

    - You should expand on your opinions and give more of it. A review is also about giving your own opinions, beyond only saying what is your favourite and what is not, like the physical description, or the usefulness of the Pokemon, because your opinions give a review your own personal flavour. It should also make each paragraph beefier, making it more pleasant to read. Besides, it's nice to hear why you like or don't like the Pokemon too.
    - Saying the base stats alone isn't enough, because a Pokemon is more than their base stats. It is also their movepool and abilities, so saying stuff like base 100 speed is high is, well, very obvious. You have to state why it's a good thing. For example, Flareon: Sure, Flareon has great attack, but he is hindered by a lack of Physical moves to take advantage of the high attack, like not having Flare Blitz, and it's also said that every Flareon fan wants him to be able to learn that move.
    - Proper spelling and grammar makes a review easier to read, because improper grammar and spelling just makes a review doesn't feel right, so it's important to review your review before posting for any errors you encounter.
    - Formatting is a little untidy, so to speak. You need to label the Pokemon, which you didn't do, so above the Charizard line pictures, put the title: Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard.

    These are basically my opinions on how your review can be bettered, so you might want to consider those. Hopefully your future reviews are a better read!

    Thanks for reading.
  17. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    Isn't Moltres based on a western phoenix whereas Ho-oh is based on an eastern one?

    Anyways, it could use a bit of improvement in the grammar and the layout, but overall it was a nice first blog.
  18. Kars's Avatar
    yeah arcanine got some new moves too
  19. Angad's Avatar
    Could be a bit better, good start, though. Ninetales got Drought, instead of Arcanine, because it was normally outclassed so it deserved the exclusive ability of Drought.
  20. Kars's Avatar